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  Bryan vs. Dan Patrick  

Bryan the veteran pro

A finishing flying full nelson

Bryan's nelson backbreaker combo

Dan racked and wrenched in Bryan's brutal backbreaker

A big boot to Bryan's face

The Perfect Pro Match-up!

Dan's the punky, adorable Irish lad who debuted to rave reviews in Pros in Private 2. Among his special charms: suffering and selling - stretched over Bryan's knees, choked on the ropes, abused in the corner, bent and bowed in an excruciating boston crab, then tossed, slammed and subjected to big pro moves and big pro blows! The tough punk takes it all in big back-busting, near-squash action with some incredible bearhugs, tight abdominal stretches and exquisite rack backbreaker. Contrast Bryan's veteran pro appearance with the young Dan's beautiful babyface, budding bodybuilder physique, his beautiful proportions and classic pro jobber look. And what a hot hazing! Bryan does not hold back! One fan called this "the perfect private pro match". It's a beauty, that's for sure!

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Bryan vs. Dan Patrick
37 minutes
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A perfect ab stretch

Bryan bearhugs the rookie

Dan Patrick the rookie

Bryan's Boston crab has Dan in deep trouble

Dan punished in the corner

Double armbar by Bryan

Boomerang! Poor Dan in pain

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