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  Justin Pierce vs. Josh Avery  


Angry Josh cranks it tight

Caught in Josh's sleeper

Justin justice! JP dons Josh's trademark gimmick h

Justin vs Psychotic Hunkbasher!

Three matches, one tape, one wrestler. And here's perfect Justin - our resident hunk, a "natural" wrestler gifted with a never-say-die determination that pushes him to fight until the very end! Josh gets off on brutalizing prettyboys. He beat the hell out of Troy Baker, demolished bodybuilder Adam Killion. And considering Troy took Justin to his limits, and Adam actually defeated him, one has to wonder if Josh has intentionally targeted Justin for destruction to complete a hat trick of hunky victims. But when Justin sheds his warm-up gear, revealing a ripped and more muscular than ever new 'n improved bod, all bets are off. Bigger Justin overpowers his opponent, but Josh resorts to fighting dirty, stomping Justin, deliberately grinding his pretty face into the mat. Trading falls after 20 minutes of intense back 'n forth grappling, psycho Josh goes for broke, donning his infamous headgear and gloves. But unlike Troy and Adam, Justin's still standing and is eager for more! A stump puller, a grinding crotch-in-face matchbook press, and Justin steals Josh's gimmick. Dark Justin emerges!

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Spotlight: Justin Pierce


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Justin Pierce vs. Josh Avery
29 minutes
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Wild-eyed Josh's evil schoolboy choke-pin

Figure 4 leglock on the stud-star!

Dirty toughguy Josh Avery

Justin rides and pounds the tough

Josh in pain now

Josh pinned

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