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  Joey DeFranco vs. James Mykel

Joey DeFranco 5'7 142

Headscissors weaken the opponent...

KO'ed & humiliated

Pulled in tight

James immobilized

All-out sleeper challenge

Joey is the king of the sleeper fans. From his many exploits, he's well known, so when someone answers one of his contact ads to get together, they know what to expect, and they want what's coming to them!

Mykel's eagerness to hit the mattress is obvious as he leads the way into the room. So caught up is he in his enthusiasm, he fails to notice Joey creeping up from behind until it's too late--sleeper city! From total pre-match, fully energized cognizance to complete, drooling, purple faced, veins-throbbing-against-temples unconsciousness! Supremely self-satisfied, Joey smugly sheds his shirt and rips snoozing Mykel out of his, only to replace the sleeperhold of a moment before with a just as long-held headscissors the moment Mykel rouses. A second KO and Joey strips off Mykel's boots.

Once again, Mykel awakens, only to find his face jammed in Joey's jeans-clad crotch. "I want you COMPLETELY out this time," Joey taunts. Mykel slowly awakens, and attempts to crawl away before methodical Joey returns. No dice! "I love when they struggle," Joey brags. Standing headscissors, repeat bodyscissors, cobra clutches, feet-in-face degradation and an ultra-creative variation on a torture rack with hapless Mykel draped over an ottoman.

This amazing sleeper-squash match moves over the entire motel room, from floor, to sofa, to bed, to floor and back again. A multiple knock out meat beater!

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Madness 5: Sleepers in Atlanta


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Joey DeFranco vs. James Mykel
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