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  Shane Styles vs. Brendan Byers

Shane Styles

A neck crank

Nice ass

A crossface chicken wing

Ultraviolent Babyface Beating

With a series of wins over some very impressive duos (including a yet-to-be released match against two of our all-time hottest superstars!), no doubt about it, if BGE offered tag team belts, Shane and Beau Nasty would be the champs. But considering Beau beat Shane in singles competition in their debut match a year ago, we couldn't help wondering, how would the pierced and pumped prettyboy do without his ultra-mouthy partner watching his back? After sufferin 'n sellin his ass off in mismatches against Mazetti and the Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Brendan couldn't think of a more perfect opponent for his first win. But an opening knee to the gut and a rough reverse headlock, Brendan gagging audibly as the 30 lbs. more muscular wannabe heel bounces him up and down, don't leave much of an opening to strike back. Shane zeroes in on the kid's right arm--twisting and torquing, stomping and standing on it--but Brendan won't submit. Not until Shane slams him into the corner shoulder first, repeatedly wraps his arm around the top rope for an illegal advantage and finally climbs the turnbuckles and tortures him with a chickenwing from above so savage the tendons in his contorted shoulder throb in high relief...

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Shane Styles vs. Brendan Byers
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Brendan Byers

Break that arm

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Brendan tortured in the rack

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