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  Alexi Adamov vs. Mitch Colby

Alexi Adamov 6'3 225

Alexi's upside down bear hug

Alexi works an arm bar

Big upside down bear hug

Alexi cranks Mitch's neck

Man Meets Boy...Boy Becomes Man

Alexi's physical beauty - and his ability to take punishment - have helped his meteoric rise in popularity among BG East's fans. But also making his debut in the gazebo is a wrestler who can give Alexi a run for his money in every area. Showing off his chiseled perfection, Mitch looks like the Greek god Mercury come to life, his physical beauty almost overshadowing sexy Alexi's own perfect form. This is the kind of match-up that inspired Homer, that inspired sculptors in Athens and Sparta to create works of art that have lasted through the ages! And after being matched up against some of the most experienced men in the BG East stable, Alexi had to be relieved to finally be facing a a newbie making his own debut. But Mitch is no eager cocky teen like Jaxx or a mid-20's dynamo like Stryker. Mitch is a MAN, solidly and proudly in his 30's and an experienced private wrestler making his public debut. And this is not your standard 2 out of 3 falls determines the winner fight. This is a primal mat battle between two men with amazing bodies and wrestling skills - this battle will not be over until one man cannot continue; the winner will be determined as the best man on the mat. Neither will settle for less. "You're in pretty good shape for what? your mid-forties?" Alexi taunts as they stretch before locking up. And if Alexi seems more cocky than usual maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's bigger than he's ever been: a solidly humpy 215 pounds, outweighing his new ripped opponent by 20 pounds. Mitch is not the least bit intimidated or moved by Alexi's bravado. And so the gazebo stage is set for one rip-roaring mat war!

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Alexi Adamov vs. Mitch Colby
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Nose to nose, man to man?

Bone crushing bear hug

Mitch Colby 6'2 200

Mitch on top: Man pins boy

Mitch trapped in a front chancery

Double grapevine pin

Sweaty Sexy Alexi Adamov

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