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  Austin Raines vs. Jeremy Burk

Austin Raines - 5'10, 155

Austin admires Jeremy's agony

Jeremy puts the punk in his place

Chin through the chest full nelson

Austin punished: crotch-claw spladle

“Love to Hate You”

Wrestlers can often be divided into different sub-groups?the most obvious one being winners and losers, of course?but that?s a little too simplistic. There are many reasons guys go into wrestling, and The Boss is very adept during his rather particular 'screening process' at figuring out just what these reasons are. Not everyone becomes a wrestler because they want to be a star or a champion. Some do it for other reasons?like Jeremy and Austin!

Jeremy is a very sexy young man without a lot of success in the various arenas into which The Boss has thrown him?and ever game, he accepts any match thrown at him. Not many guys his size, for example, would have risked life and limb to get into the ring with the nasty muscle stud Bulldog Barzini, for example. That match, for example, was suggested to him by The Boss in one of his ?let?s test this kid? moods, fully expecting Jeremy to say no. But when his face lit up and he said ?yes? without missing a beat, the Boss smiled to himself. ?Oh, one of those??

Austin on the other hand is a mouthy smart-ass little punk with a impressive record of beat-downs amongst the other younger wrestlers at BGEast?and his match with veteran Doc Holliday was not as humbling as The Boss might have hoped. In fact, when taunted by the Firestorm about it before heading to the mat room to face off with Jeremy, Austin just shrugged his shoulders, smirked and asked: "Jealous?"

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Austin Raines vs. Jeremy Burk
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Where's Austin's right hand???

Austin's long legs trap Jeremy in a lethal leg nelson surfboard

Sexy sultry Jeremy Burk - 5'8, 145

Big bulging bridging head scissors

Who knows where this will lead

Austin reigns: bully boy pin and double grapevine

Austin man-handles Jeremy

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