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  Rod Henson vs. Steven Jakes


Strapping Steve

Steve's side sleeper

Pecs and power

Steven starts to get serious

Mat Masters

When putting two rookies together in a match, you never quite know what to expect. Fortunately for us, Rod and Steve may be rookies to BG East action but both are skilled, experienced mat warriors with a long list of victories to each of their credits. These guys are evenly matched in height, weight and wrestling ability....which translates into one fantastic mat match! Pre-match stretching in speedos quickly turns to heated mat action when Steven comes after Rod, attempting to lock the early armbar submission. Breaking free from Steven's hold, Rod has a quite an arsenal of tactics of his own to utilize, ranging in scope from leg-splitting pins to grinding grapevines to neck cranking headlocks. But when Steven is able to break free and finally lock on that armbar, there is nothing left for Rod to do but tap his submission....and contemplate just how he will get his revenge. And avenge he does!

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Rod Henson vs. Steven Jakes
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