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  Dick Rick & Scott Starr vs. Donnie Drake & Shannon Embry

Dick Rick & Scott Starr

Donnie slams Dick

Donnie's armbar on Scott

Dick's back-breaking chinlock

Scott hangs Donnie; Dick attacks

A Lesson in Tag Teaming

Dick Rick made a big splash in his debut match with Alexi Adamov, and with a lot of the fans clamoring to see more of the muscled stud, the Boss was only too happy to bring the very demonstrative sexy indy star back to the BGEast ring. ?Mind if I bring a buddy with me?", Dick asked, ?he's my tag partner and together we kick some serious ass in the ring.?

Serendipity! The Boss had been looking for a tag team to challenge the newly minted high-flying babyface tag team of Daunting Donnie Drake and Sugar Shannon Embry. ?Donnie Drake?? Dick laughed at the suggestion. ?That pretty pussy boy? Yeah, we?d be happy to give him and his girlfriend a lesson in tag team wrestling?although you might want to give them a third to make it more fair. I mean, if we're gonna come all that way, we should a least get a work-out!?

?We don?t need a third,? Donnie spat when The Boss ?accidentally? let Dick?s suggestion slip. ?But since we already know what a cheating slime-bag Dick the Dick is, and we hear Scott Starr is no better, why not give us a ref? You know, just to make it interesting??

Donnie and Shannon arrive in the ring trained, ready and raring to go. Coolly confident in their tag partnership, longtime friendship and ring skills, they shrug off the jokes about their matching green trunks (?Going for a leprechaun look, are you??) and prepare to get down to business, when the promised referee shows up?none other than The Boss's boy, Jonny Firestorm! Donnie and Shannon glance askance at each other. Can you blame them?!

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Tag Team Torture 8 Arena Galleries

Donnie fights Scott's sleeper

Scott Starr's jubilant head scissors

Shannon Embry & Donnie Drake

Donnie wristlocks Scott

Dick muscle bearhugs Donnie

Dick distracts the ref

Donnie on the ropes: Scott Starr lives up to expectations

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