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  Cameron Matthews vs. Aryx Quinn

Cameron, 5'11 168

Pinned: Aryx gets some leverage

The butt-to-butt hangman

A little self appreciation

Cameron's unique camel leg-split

Lights! Cameron! Action!

There is no question in the minds of BG wrestlers that The Boss has favorites?the REAL question is ?how do I become one?? There is no rhyme or reason to it, unfortunately?because they don?t want to believe they exist?and wrestle? solely for the Leopard?s amusement. Take fresh-faced, boy next door Cameron Matthews. His record in the ring is rather unimpressive; he?s taken senseless, brutal beatings, but always rebounds from each disastrous match with eagerness, willingness to take on anyone, and the optimistic belief that next time he?ll come out on top! His attitude is almost as appealing as the fullness of that delectably perfect hard round ass.

At the other end of the spectrum is Aryx Quinn. From the moment he first strutted into the BG stable with his ripped muscular body and sadistic attitude, he won over the fans?and the Boss?as he mowed down opponent after opponent. Even on the rare occasion he actually goes down to defeat?it only serves to enrage the egomaniac! Time and again, even despite losing the match, he launched sneak attacks on his victorious foes and left them sprawled out in pain with the cunning of a cobra. The Boss likes that in a wrestler?it may well remind him of himself.

From the beginning, Aryx has been one of the Boss? lieutenants, his career carefully managed by He Who Must Be Obeyed. But one thing the Boss expects?no, DEMANDS?from his wrestlers is unquestioned obedience. Fiercely independent Aryx hasn't always done The Boss' bidding as precisely as ordered, especially in the heat of battle. The Leopard had to intervene to save his studboy from the humiliating beating being served up by an enraged Brad Rochelle?which inevitably dropped Aryx a few notches in the Boss? eyes. Add to that the fact that Quinn been getting a little TOO full of himself lately? even no-showing a couple of matches the Boss set up for him. It?s never a good idea to get on the Boss? bad side? You don't believe us? Just ask Brad Rochelle!

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Aryx's boston crab crisis

Aryx Attitude 5'8, 166

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