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  Alexi Adamov vs. TJ Tanner

Alexi, 6'3, 225

Who's first? Alexi confronts TJ

Alexi dominates the Canadian

Alexi scissor/sleepers TJ

Alexi's big Russian bear hug


'I'm fucking done,' Sexy Alexi swore after the tag team humiliation he endured on MASKED MAYHEM 2. Feeling set up by The Boss, tired of being the company whipping boy, tired of jokes in the locker room, sick of other wrestlers calling him a 'doormat' on the message boards, Alexi was ready to abandon his lifelong dream of wrestling stardom. He stopped returning The Boss' calls, even hung up on him a couple of times! He focused on bulking up at the gym, and was on his way out to his motorcycle one afternoon when The Boss' red BMW pulled up. 'Alexi, why do you hurt me like this?' the Boss asked, his face all wide-eyed innocence. 'I've come to make you an offer, my boy'a way you can redeem yourself and show everyone you're a true champion.'
'Uh huh. Right!' a skeptical Alexi replied.
'This Saturday, a 7 or 8 of the young guys are coming to tape matches,' The Boss went on. 'We'll put the mats out in the backyard, and the boys will decide which three you will wrestle'all in a row. You've got size on them all, as well as experience. Surely you would be able to beat all three of these youngsters?'
'No way. This is just another one of your sick tricks.'
'Alexi, Alexi, my boy.' The Boss replied. 'Are you afraid? Is that the problem? No balls???'
'Fuck you, I'll be there. I'll show you balls!'
By Saturday afternoon, Alexi's rage had built to a fever pitch. The fan message board had lit up with former foes making fun of him. Some of The Boss's Young Turks had even been sending him taunting emails and text messages that just said JOBBER. As he rode his motorcycle up to the BGE compound, Alexi's anger had reached the breaking point as he found lean Canadian CJ Tanner waiting for him on the mats.

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