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  Exavier vs. Scott Starr

Exavier - 5'10, 215

Choke or chinlock?

Giving Exavier a face lift

Hammerlock over the ropes

Scott sees stars: Low blow

Double the Heels...Double the Heat

When Scott debuted in Tag Team Torture 8, we thought he'd be an instant hit. After all, when a wrestler is brought in as an "equal" by Dick Rick and proceeds to low-blow, neck-break and over-beat his babyfaced opponents before turning his attention on a biased-in-his-favor guest referee to boot, fans tend to stand up and take notice. But, he disappeared, and it was Dick who took off to still-rising heights. Scott warms up in the ring: bridging, stretching, testing the ropes. Enter Exavier. Clad in hot pink vinyl trunks with "KINKY" emblazoned on the back, he's obviously not afraid of the spotlight! "You stay on that side of the ring," he orders so he can preen and pose without interruption. And, sure, while Exavier himself experienced the rougher side of BGE when The Marauder wedgied, spanked and generally went medieval on his ass on Masked Mayhem 1, since then he's distinguished himself as more than capable, even mean and menacing, dishing out more than a few beatings of his own. He expects the match to be short and sweet, so he "can get back to the gym."

A quick waistlock go-around into a front facelock emboldens his assumptions. Classic chain wrestling: Scott counters with armbar-into-headlock takeovers; Exavier escapes and takes advantage of a test of strength with a flipping armwrench and knees to the shoulder. Exavier throws a punch to the face that effectively ends the old school back 'n forth--until Scott surprises with a snapmare into a technically perfect sunset flip pin that has Exavier ranting, "that was only two!" Things get nastier as revenge is in order: Exavier works the arm with Japanese strangles, jumping arm breakers and around-the-rope action. And when Exavier is slow to break the hold after a tap out, it's Scott's turn to get pissed... The heat is ON!

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Exavier vs. Scott Starr
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Choked!: Tape around Scott's throat

Cranking the illegal choke

Scott Starr -, 5'10 205

Exavier grinds over Scott Starr

Scott flexes his beefy muscles

Trapped in Exavier's submission

Hand full: Scott holding his jewels

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