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  Mitch Colby vs. Skrapper

Mitch Colby 6'2 195

Skrapper has Mitch cradled

Skrapper pouch smothered

Ball grabbing suspended bow & arrow

Scrappy Skrapper screams: Double armbar with a rib-crushing reverse bodyscissors

David v Goliath - 21st Century Rematch

Our little Skrapper is quite aptly named -- this welterweight has no fear and he's a strong, scrappy and relentless fighter. Despite eventually going down to defeat to huge Brook Stetson in his debut, Skrapper gave big Brook a real run for his money -- more so than many bigger and more experienced wrestlers. Yet the loss was actually a moral victory for the scrappy youngster, and further whetted his appetite for taking on all the big boys! He turned down a match with another wrestler more his own size, and once again asked for a big man to take down -- and this time his preference was for Mighty Mitch!

Self-styled 'The Body', the arrogant musclestud Mitch Colby has not racked up many notches in the win column since he debuted with Sexy Alexi Adamov in the BGE gazebo. When matched up with Skrapper, the man with the big muscles gladly accepted -- and planned to make an example of Skrapper while exorcising some of the frustrations his losses have generated. But there's a lot more to wrestling than being strong and skilled -- especially the all-in, few holds barred BG East realm of wrestling! You must possess a powerful desire to win -- at any cost, and Skrapper has a true 'wrestler's heart,' that need to match himself against the best in order to prove himself a top contender and a man. And Mitch's attempt to intimidate the smaller wrestler when they meet on the mats by showing off his impressive musculature may intrigue and even arouse the young challenger but he doesn't gift Mitch with any recognition satisfaction. "You gonna pose or wrestle?" he sneers right up in the light heavyweight's face.

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Mitch Colby vs. Skrapper
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Squeezing Skrapper: A bearhug with a wedgie

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Skrapper 5'10 145

A see through reverse headscissors

Reverse figure 4 headscissors

The big squeeze with a view

Pounding pecs and abs: Muscled Mitch poses over Skrapper

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