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  Kirby Stone vs. Skotch English  

New School Stone, 5'10 166

Skotch bombs down on Kirby

Brutal back bending backbreaker

Hyperextending Kirby's arm

Kirby sent sailing upside down with a super side suplex slam

"Old School Tough v. Baby Face Fierce"

There are those who hold that the glory days of wrestling were the 1970's. Skotch English is one of those wrestlers. He grew up watching the stars of that time, and wanted to be just like them - just a tough guy without much of a gimmick, other than the slow, methodical destruction of his opponent. That was what he enjoyed watching. That is what he enjoys doing. After making a name for himself in several independent promotions and private rings throughout the US and Canada, it was really only a matter of time before he showed up at BGEast with his own vision of what wrestling could and should be. "I'll mow 'em all down," he bragged, "but start me off with some kid who thinks he knows his ass from a hole in the ground. Let The Man here show him what real ring wrestling is all about!"

Lean, muscled and smooth, if you looked 'babyface' up in the dictionary, odds are you'd find Kirby Stone's picture. Young and energetic and fresh out of pro training school and The Boss spotted him at an indy show in Florida. Seeing the kid's potential, and learning that Kirby was already a rookie fan sensation on the internet, The Boss quickly signed him to a contract and decided to see what the kid could do against an experienced old-school fighter like Skotch. As Kirby climbed through the ring ropes in his babyface perfect body-hugging pink trunks, his brow furrowed as he went through his acrobatic warm up to center his focus, it was apparent that this cute kid was a new school star on the rise. Cue old school Skotch, and his old school mouth...

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Kirby Stone vs. Skotch English
32 minutes
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Punishing young Kirby old-school style outside the ring

Rearranging that pretty face!

Old School Skotch, 5'7 195

Kirby bent around the ring post

Kirby reaches for the ropes as Skotch sits deep into a Boston Crab

As if a submission weren't enough, Skotch yanks on some hair

Ouch! Intense illegal rope choke

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