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  Cole Cassidy vs. Kevin Lee

Kevin exults his moment on top

Elbow-locked camel clutch

Kevin claws at Cole's perfectly applied deep-crotch head scissors

Kevin schoolboyed and smothered

Kevin Lee laid out cold as Cole slaps some sense into him

A Big Beating, In The Ring And Out!

As he grunts and groans from sheer shock as much as pure pain, reality sets in for the reeling rookie: any wrestler who'd dare use such an unorthodox hold, smile and flex while the other wrestler gasps for air under his surging crotch, isn't merely trying to win; he's a sick, twisted fuck looking to hurt and humiliate an out-matched opponent just because he likes it. In other words, just the type of guy most BG fans love!

Desperation sets in for cute Kevin Lee. A sudden knee to the back interrupts Cole's posing mid flex, and a second sends him to the mat face-first for an immobilizing cloverleaf that Kevin floats over into a rear headlock that he fluidly shifts yet again to a side headlock as bigger Cole rises off the mat. Cole goes for the cheat, reaching for a handful of hair, inside Kevin's mouth and another spot much lower down! But Kevin's knows Cole's style. Wrestlers from Bruce to DaSilva to Mitch Colby saw their moments of glory come crashing down against Cole courtesy of a well-aimed fist or forearm to the balls. Kevin's ready, shifting his hips out of the line of fire. But all the pre-match planning in the world is no preparation for sheer muscle. Twice Kevin takes Cole to the mat with a twist, but a third ends abruptly as Cole powers him up and brings him down back-first across his knee.

Give 'n take, back 'n forth is a given in almost any match: every wrestler feels the pain at some point. But to a man like Cole, with his gargantuan "I give it, you take it" ego, daring to muster an offense against him is an offense to him! From aggressive to enraged, he takes it out on the rookie, multiple bodyslams, repeated stomps, nasty elbows. A tabletop suspended surfboard is so sweet Cole does it twice, savoring Kevin's repeated submissions. Having cut his teeth in BGE's beloved but battered bare-bones Boston ring, the opportunity to take advantage of our more expansive Florida ring stimulates devious inspiration. And as anyone who saw Cole's match with Alexi, where he tossed the Russian ultrahunk out of ring to work him over tied to the heavy bag knows, Cole knows how to work the room: throwing Kevin through the ropes to ram him into the wall headfirst, trapping him in the sauna for blatant chokes, boots to the balls and repeated crotch to face headscissors. The mayhem escalates back in the ring: tree of woe, pump-handle backbreakers, rocking see-saw OTK back breakers. The question isn't win or lose, submission or KO, but when will it end and will cute Kevin ever dare wrestle again!

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Cole Cassidy vs. Kevin Lee
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Arm locked back over his head, Kevin Lee is open and prepped for Cole Cassidy's killer heart punch!

Reverse schoolboy pin: 1...2...

Cole yanks a fistful of Kevin's hair

Neck-cranking inverted scissors

Taunting and tormenting Kevin

Cole Cassidy's spectacular suspended surfboard hangman

Cocky Cole Cassidy takes a rest - trampling on top of Kevin Lee

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