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  Kid Karisma vs. Jonny Firestorm

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170

Kid K booted over the buckle

Jonny's nipple twister: Kid K pinned

Flying shoulder drive to the gut

Jonny tortures Kid Karisma in his abdominal stretch

Kid K's Rough Ring Initiation

Kid Karisma is on a roll. The hunky redhead rookie held his own against two more experienced and much bigger men in his debut mat match, and in his last appearance he not only out-wrestled, but out-posed male model Rio Garza, beating the hunk at his own game before leaving him splayed and displayed out cold on the mats. Strutting in his elaborate All-American trunks, pads, boots and jacket, it's obvious he knows pro is all about adding flash and style, turning up the volume and breaking the knob off! He climbs into the ring, hyped to carry his momentum into his debut ring match.

Jonny Firestorm knows a little something about catching an upstart wrestler at the peak of his initial poularity. He broke into BGE to challenge Brad Rochelle with a wild mat match where he tied the superstar into knots again and again until Brad simply snapped and dug into aspects of his own persona he never knew existed. Scant weeks after Kid Leopard declared Alexi Adamov the 2006 rookie of the year, Jonny jumped the nearly foot taller and 60 lbs. heaver hunk and beat, beat, beat him into twitching unconsciousness. Braden Charron took a brief hiatus from BGE compete in and win his first bodybuilding contest, and when he returned, all buff, pumped and ripped, there was Jonny waiting to stomp, pummel, trample and torment his award winning physique before using him as a personal dumbell and leaving him slack-jawed, drooling and broken.

"You look like Captain America's illegitimate love child," Jonny sneers, bringing mind-games into play early on and adding, "all you need to know about me is, anything you can do, I can do better." Actions speak louder than words, and the Kid's best response is unbuttoning his jacket and displaying his more ripped than ever washboard abs. Jonny's recent evolution from singlet-clad freestyler to hairy-chested ass-kicker has earned him new fans who admire his hairy beefy "classic heel" look. Karisma's not one of them, daring to drop the F-bomb in response to Jonny's new look (that would be "fat" to the less witty). Jonny responds, "Yeah, you look good, but this is how it's going to go. You'll start out on fire, but you'll make a rookie mistake sooner or later. And then I'm going to beat the hell out of you." It's one thing to step up to the plate and point to left field. It's another to do that and actually knock it out of the park. But the moment Kid Karisma sheds his jacket and turns his back, WHAM! Jonny takes a Babe Ruth swing from behind home plate!

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Brutal backbending boston

Cross-ankle folding schoolboy press has Kid K down for the count

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 160

Jonny tells it like it is

Jonny works a bow & arrow variation

Kid K hits his boston variation

The muscle boy poses over a flattened Jonny Firestorm

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