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  Joe Mazetti vs. Bulldog Barzini

Joe Mazetti - 5'7, 220

Mano a mano: Arm wrestle challenge

Test of strength: Joe on his knees

Locking on a cobra clutch

Joe in serious trouble as Bulldog cinches in his cobra clutch sleeper

Woof! Woof! Obedience School For Dogs!

It's Man vs Beast when Joe Mazetti takes on Bulldog Barzini in a challenge to see who is the bigger man. And with these two powerhouses, it could be anybody's game. From the moment the Bulldog made his first appearance at BG East, Big Joe's hackles were raised. He instinctively knew that The Bulldog would become his main rival for the same fan base. Guys into beefy powerhouses began debating the merits of each and sides were drawn. To circumvent the rivalry and mix things up a bit, The Boss proposed a tag team partnership, imagining the mayhem these two walking cannonballs could wreak on some unsuspecting prettyboys. However, both begged off, each claiming he wasn't the partnering type - and that of course made this big 'n beefy match-up inevitable!

Bulldog is caught posing in the mirror in his wild and ballzy hot pink wrestling trunks and big black boots. When Joe enters the room, he is all smiles at the thought of getting a guy his own size - and his main fan rival - to submit. But first, the two big-armed beef-boys engage in an old-fashioned arm wrestle to set the tone for the evening. Joe seems to have the upper hand in this struggle for power until Bulldog makes a quick comeback, and nearly wins the standoff. Frustrated and unwilling to admit defeat in this first challenge, Joe just breaks free from the contest and launches a deadly assault on his opponent.

From turnbuckle to turnbuckle, the two trade chops to the chest, body slams in the centre of the ring, and arm drops that alternately hit and miss their targets. It's clear that the two are very evenly matched as they pose off and flex their muscles at one another. Another standoff ensues as the two go chest to chest in a titanic test of strength. It's like watching two gorillas pounding their chest then smacking them together struggling to overpower the other, both their tattooed and beefy bodies glistening with sweat.

When Bulldog once again uses his seeming superior strength and presses his advantage, Joe finds himself on his knees. Again, a position to which the mighty Mazetti is unaccustomed! But unlike the Bulldog, Joe has never been a babyface and resorting to heel moves is not only instinctual but easy! He decides to finally end the Bulldog's party by delivering an uppercut to the Barzini family jewels! "Stay down!" Joe demands, as he places a knee on the Bulldog's head and flexes his biceps.

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Joe Mazetti vs. Bulldog Barzini
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Bulldog yanks back on a chinlock

Look out below! The 215 lb Bulldog drops his big flying elbow!

Bulldog Barzini - 5'8, 215

Joe bearhugs a sweaty Bulldog

Joe punishes the big Bulldog

Rear naked sleeper peril!!!

Tit for that! Joe tries to work a camel clutch on the Bulldog

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