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  Rio Garza vs. Kieran Dunne

Rio Garza - 6', 185

Wild west arm wrestling challenge

Rio's amazing abs pin Kieran

It's Lights Out, Cowboy

A hot fantasyman in a fantasy situation- knocked out and hog tied!

Cowboy Up: Rope-A-Dope Rasslin Rodeo-Style

A trained pro wrestler with a sixty pound weight advantage versus an obviously athletic fitness model who's just learning the ropes isn't exactly a fair match up. Kieran Dunne would know. He's been the victim in some of the biggest beatings we've ever taped: demolished by Blaze (Demolition 5), gutbashed by Joe Mazetti (Gut Bash 3), even mercilessly mauled by one-timers like Angel and Jerry Bowles (Demolition 8, Ringwars 12). But he's been hitting the weights hard, and it shows as he proudly displays his more muscular and exceptionally cut torso. Clad in jeans, sleeveless shirts and cowboy hats, the boys are still a study in contrasts: Rio long, lean and tight, Kieran shorter but thicker. Kieran completes the look with a black belt; Rio a knotted rope. Arm wrestling is in order. Kieran, shocked that Rio can hang, knocks Rio's hat off, an invitation to throw down that would have had local yokels diving for cover had it happened back in the day down on the range. Rio gets pissed, pushing and chest bumping Kieran up against the wall. "OK, OK!" Kieran begs off. Shirts off for a second arm wrestling challenge, Kieran counters by jumping on Rio's back to ride him like a pony. Rio rises. "Easy, hoss!" Kieran complains before Rio bucks like a bronco. A schoolboy pin with Rio on top gives him his proverbial 8 seconds. Kieran bucks, and a rolling headscissors gives him a chance to crunch his abs along with Rio's skull until the tap. Oh yeah, these boys are ripe for some hot grotto fun.

Glistening with sweat and glowing with confidence, Kieran rips his jeans off, stripping down to the yellow jock he wore against Chris Bruce and Jace Bradley (The Comeback and Undagear 14), and insists Rio join him, ripping off his jeans and leaving him in white. Rio hits a leg takedown and before Kieran knows what hit him, he's flat on his back with Rio's basket in, rather, on his face. Kieran tries to turn away but ultimately gives in, gazing up in wonder as Rio flexes his covermodel body. A crotch to face headscissors brings the boys even, Rio's modeling experience on full display as he hits a series of dazzling post-submission poses. But a pose-too-many and his hard abs meet Kieran's harder fist. It's a submission scramble: Kieran with a full nelson/body scissors combo; Rio with a body-to-body full mount into a side scissors. A rear headscissors is a bodywatcher's delight as Kieran's bubble butt bounces and Rio's luscious legs twist and flail until he slips out and hits a full nelson of his own that has Kieran cussin'. A fold up press pin is another double-barreled butt display, but isn't quite punishing enough for the submission. But a side surfboard is, and Rio jumps up, certain he's on the brink of his first BG East win...

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Spotlight: Rio Garza


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Rio Garza vs. Kieran Dunne
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Rio looks fantastic in that...hat!

Perched with his pouch over Kieran's face, Rio flexes every muscle in his eye-popping schoolboy pin

Kieran Dunne - 5'7, 175

Yippie Ki Yay - Kieran lassos Rio

Rio suffers in the half camel

Kieran chokes Rio with his belt

Up against the wall, pretty boy! Kieran can't resist pounding and punishing Rio's perfect abs

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