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  Ty Garrison vs. Jean-Luc Menard

Ty Garrison 5'10 76 kg/168 lbs

Brit fighters square off

3 points of pain; hair pull, hammerlocked, and ball grabbed

Ty stretches Jean-Luc out on the mats

Ty claims his prize as he tortures his helpless victim

Killing Him Softly

Long, lean and sexy Jean Luc Menard made a spectacular debut in Britbouts 14 against another newcomer, Rob Chandler, a fight that registered on the radar screens of resident BGE British wrestling bad boys Ty Garrison and Mike Martin. It didn't take long for Ty to feel the itch to get his hands on the handsome French Brazilian with the swimmer's build, and BG East did not hesitate to give him the opportunity.

This is an exciting setup. Menard, in boots, and Garrison, barefoot, clearly want to have at each other in the worst way. Menard seems to savor abuse and humiliation - the licking he took from Chandler would have scared most guys off a second match, especially one against an even more experienced and sadistic wrestler than Chandler, in the person of Ty Garrisonâ??not to imply for a second that Menard cannot or does not tote up some devastating points of his own. And few can absorb as much punishment as he does!

But Garrison makes no bones about it. He likes to beat up guys. He says so. And even if he denied it, the gleam in his eye when he cranks up the hurt on some poor bloke nearly in tears and screaming for mercy would reveal the truth of the matter. The really interesting thing about Ty is that he is sadistic in such a low-key way. His soft-spoken threats are so much more sinister than the growls and bluster of most other alpha males. Sexier, too. What he can do with a taunt, purred in the ear of a guy whose balls heâ??s mashing in his palm, makes the hottest blood run cold and the coldest blood run hot.

And how Garrison loves to torture Menard's balls! Let us, to travesty the Victorian poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning, count the ways. One, he grabs them with his hands and wrings them. Two, he digs his heels into them, making the pretty-faced fighter moan. And, three, when he's got his man's legs stretched out, he cannot resist ramming his knee up to the vulnerable bulges outlined on Jean Luc's skin-tight red Speedo. Ty maximizes skin on skin contact, squeezing up against his tall, lean opponent, chest to chest, stomach to stomach, crotch to crotch, and reaching round to cross-face chicken-wing his arm up high and tight against the shoulder blades. Here is a guy who fully understands and thoroughly explores and enjoys the intimacies of hard, horny hand-to-hand contact.

Make no mistake about it: wrestling is the soul of male intimacy and bonding, and few seem to understand this concept as well as UK wrestlers. For Ty (and others in this video), this is the sport to draw close to another man, feel his heat, share his scent, and, through a game of one-upmanship and physical domination, establish the ground rules for the passionate armistice that comes after the battle. Ty's warm breath beating against an opponent's face, while pain streaks through his body like searing lightning flashes, can only bring helpless Jean Luc to total submission, again and again and again.

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Ty Garrison vs. Jean-Luc Menard
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Crotch clawed, Jean-Luc suffers

Jean-Luc goes limp as Ty squeezes the air out of him

Jean-Luc Menard 6'2 75 kg/165 lbs

Ty cranks on a devastating crossface chickenwing

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Jean-Luc has a rear naked choke locked on

Ty's trapped in a scissor/choke hold combo

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