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  Paul Hudson vs. TJ Tanner

Paul Hudson, skilled and sexy

TJ tries to break the headlock

Butt bulging bearhug

Paul locks on his modified sleeper

TJ squeezes on a tight bodyscissors and spreads Paul's legs wide

Snake and Mongoose

They shake hands politely and the fight is on! TJ has a height and weight advantage on Paul, but Paul takes him down quickly and easily, but is unable to control the bigger Canadian and TJ takes the advantage! It's a back and forth struggle until TJ makes a mistake and is rolled up in a tight inescapable pin. And now Canadian politeness goes out the window - TJ starts slugging Paul in the gut until he's forced to let him go! Is this a new TJ, one we've not seen before? But Paul's no slouch, and knows a few shortcuts of his own. Back and forth they go, as the groans get louder and the holds tighter and nastier! Yet the smaller American almost manages to force the first submission from his bigger foe by tying him up completely into a pretzel. More Canadian gut bashing effectively breaks the hold, but Paul quickly clamps on a nasty head scissor that has TJ screaming. Can a submission be far behind? Stretched out in agony, TJ resists as Paul torques more pressure - but finally, his face a mask of agony, TJ surrenders!

Paul subjects TJ to even more agonizing holds, smoothly and cleverly transitioning from one to the next with great ease. It begins to look like the Canadian is going to be utterly humiliated and dominated by his smaller foe! Full nelsons, body scissors, surfboards, chinlocks - and some holds for which this intrepid writer has no name - and TJ is helpless against Paul's skillful and punishing onslaught, his lean sexy body stretched and displayed until he is forced to surrender again. And now Paul goes for the kill - brutal forearm smashes across the back that splatter TJ to the mat. But TJ is no one's punching bag - he's just waiting for his chance, and he gets it with a vicious spine cracking bear hug! It may not be as sophisticated and clever as Paul's intense arsenal of holds but it's every bit as effective. Paul moans out a submission and is tossed to the mat like an old rag doll - and TJ is now done with the Mr. Nice Guy routine. But Paul's got lots of moves and plenty of energy in reserve! Back and forth they fight - the holds getting nastier as both ratchet up the power. Determinedly they fight on, each intent not to let the other come out with the win...both committed to do whatever needs to be done...until it's finally over and one cannot continue. An extraordinarily intense, exciting and sexy match with great holds and moves between two of our most popular welterweights.

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Paul Hudson vs. TJ Tanner
28 minutes

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Painful ab stretch variation

The Hudson Horror: Paul's speciality figure 4 leg lock submission hold

Hudson winds up for a big blow

Trampling surfboard submission

Crossface chicken wing

TJ packaged: Hudson hits his spladle

Hudson's hand raised in victory? BFF's Cameron & Paul celebrate

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