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  Paul Hudson vs. TJ Tanner

TJ Tanner - 6', 175

TJ's guillotine abstretch

A bubble butt bearhug

Pinned & spread: Will TJ submit?

How long can TJ endure the pain? Paul cranks back on a hazardous chinlock submission

O Canada!

Wrestling isn't a sport for the timid. It requires a dedication to fitness, a drive to compete at all costs, the ability to withstand pain, a killer instinct - for at least one of the participants - and the willingness to do what it takes to win and to get as intimate as two men generally ever are with one another! TJ Tanner, a soft-spoken, friendly gentlemanly type from Canada with a self-deprecating sense of humor, would not seem to be the wrestler type at first glance. He doesn't indulge in trash talk, he doesn't insult the other wrestlers, and he pretty much keeps his mouth shut if he doesn't have something nice to say. No wonder he's won an ardent following among BG East fans! But the lean stud from the Great White North is dangerous when he puts on his gear and steps onto the mat. He always approaches his opponents with respect, and he enjoys wrestling - and is always more than willing to see it as a fun activity, until his opponent takes it to that nasty level. Then the gloves come off - and still waters do indeed run deep!

Paul Hudson is also dedicated to his sport. The quick youth already has lot of experience, both in the ring and on the mats, in public and in private. He may not win every match, but even in defeat he earns the (often grudging) respect of his opponent because he never goes down easy. Every match is a struggle, often a brawl - the kid can never be counted out at any point until he is not moving. He always manages to summon up a deeper reserve of energy and some visceral desire to prevail. He's also fast as lightning and as clever a mat technician as BG East has ever seen. To defeat him, a wrestler has to keep beating him down - and even then he somehow always manages to keep going on. He has a wrestler's heart - and that makes him dangerous as well as entertaining!

TJ gets to the Shack first, where he stretches out and warms up until Cameron Matthews escorts his longtime buddy Paul through the door of the Wrestleshack. With a laugh, the Canadian shrugs. "Which one of you am I taking on first?" he smirks. "Kick his ass, Paul," Cameron replies, smacking him on the back before heading out the door.

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Paul Hudson vs. TJ Tanner
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Armbar submission, TJ in trouble!

Double scissors jeopardy: TJ's bodyscissors and Paul's figure 4

Paul Hudson - 5'7, 150

A wrenching side headlock & armlock

Leg-splitting full nelson on TJ

Bent and twisted: TJ in agony

A mounted leg nelson double arm bar: TJ under foot!

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