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  Skrapper vs. Skip Vance*

Skip's bubble butt back pain

Exciting schoolboy smother pin

Skip's nelson body scissors

Skip 'socks' it to Skrapper

Nude grappling, the boys let it all hang out in the shack!

Sock It To Me, or, You Know It Don't Come Easy

There's no break in the action as the two tie up again almost immediately - resulting in a long held 69 headscissors duel! Legs flex and tighten as neither will let go - faces turn red and asses tighten as each tries to pop the other's head off! A few gut punches from Skrapper and young Skip finds himself screaming obscenities as Skrapper tightens up his strong legs while driving punch after punch into Skip's lean abs! Skip might look like a sweet kid, but Skrapper's taunts finally enrage him and he starts throwing some gutbusters of his own. He breaks the hold and traps Skrapper in a nasty full nelson-body scissors combo that has the the sexy stud cursing. But Skrapper escapes and takes charge again, finally forcing a submission out of young Skip with a brutal and beautiful full boston crab that leaves him rolling on the mat in agony holding his aching back while Skrapper cockily shows off his muscles in some sexy victor poses!

The struggle continues as both wrestlers begin to take shortcuts - anything to up their advantage as their breathing becomes more labored and the sweat starts to fly. Skrapper uses the straps of his singlet to choke Skip - only to have the favor returned! Kicks, stomps, and punches start alternating with actual wrestling holds - but it's Skip who strips Skrapper out of his singlet first! Humiliated and bareassed, Skrapper isn't about to let some skinny rookie kid do to him what the big guys did - and with his adrenaline flowing, he starts using anything he can grab to punish Skip! Their shoes come off - and are used as weapons! The singlets come off - and are used as weapons. The socks come off - and are used as weapons. The battle continues between the two nude fighters, neither one willing to allow the other come out on top, as the holds become more and more punishing, the struggle more desperate - one of these boys is going to score his first win at BGEast, and is just as determined to make sure it sends a message to everyone else in the stable... Sexy, sweaty, aggressive and hot, hot, hot!!! If you like 'em young, lean, scrappy, horny and feisty as f**k, this one's for you!

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Skrapper vs. Skip Vance*
28 minutes

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Singlet choked, Skrapper pulls no punches to punish Skip

A handful of hair: Skip & Skrapper share a passionate kiss after the final submission and pin

Mountain view: 69 headscissors

Sniff THIS! A tight side scissors

Skrapper strips Skip's shoe

Suck the mat, job boy!

Crotch grab! Bound by Skrapper's singlet, Skip moans for mercy

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