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  Rio Garza vs. Reese Wells

Ravishing Rio 6' 185

Muscle pose off. Delicious delts!

Rio's forced to flex in a leg lock

Bulge bumping bodyscissors

Rio makes Reese scream out in submission before forcing him flex in this tight guillotine full nelso

Battle of the Bare Bubble Butts

Over the years, BGEast has consistently managed to match up some of the most breathtakingly beautiful men in sweaty, sexy combat. Reese Wells is boyishly handsome with a deceptively angelic face and intense blue eyes - a face perched atop a lean, perfectly sculpted body. Perhaps the only person who could overshadow such perfection is Latino muscle god Rio Garza. They both obviously work hard in the gym, train hard on the mats and in the ring, but thus far it has been to no avail - getting their butts handed to them by every opponent they've thus far faced. Both are hungry for a win, but is the killer instinct a successful wrestler needs to come out on top something that can be taught, or is it something innate with which one is born? It's been a major topic of discussion around the BG East office for years... nature versus nurture - that is the question! So why not put two hard-working gorgeous studs onto the mats wearing practically nothing for a primal battle and find out? Someone is finally going to notch one in the win column!

The two young studs stare each other down on the mats, clad in skimpy jock thongs displaying the awe-inspiring round firmness of their perfectly shaped butts, the rippled definition of their abs, and the stunning symmetry of their musculature. Side by side, such beauty is almost painful to see - and both are determined to prove he is more than just a pretty face. Each wrestler is convinced he is superior to his opponent - and with two such fine specimens, an inspiring and eye-popping posedown is inevitable.

With an uncharacteristic sneer twisting his handsome features, Rio flexes his biceps, blue veins popping out on the magnificent muscle, daring Reese to show his own. And when Reese strikes a double biceps pose, every muscle in his torso rippling, it is truly an awe-inspiring sight - but not to Rio! Rio is not only bigger but he is a bonafide physique model gracing the pages of many muscle mags, and what's more, he's convinced he can power down the smaller Reese and relative ease! "This is power," Reese boasts as he strikes another pose. "Power?" scoffs Rio. "I'll show you power." And in an instant, Rio has swooped in and scooped Reese into a bearhug, lifting him off the mat with apparent ease - and Reese's boasting is quickly replaced by groans of agony as Rio's big biceps apply brutal back-breaking pressure! The double rookie muscle match is ON!

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Rio Garza vs. Reese Wells
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Forced to flex in Rio's gut claw

Rio's unique single leg boston

Red-hot Reese 5'7 155

Back breaking bearhug

Flex or go out cold, muscleboy!

Reese grabs Garza's groin

Reese puts the squeeze on Rio, legs flexed & bubble glutes tightened

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