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  Donnie Drake vs. Chace LaChance vs. Brent Salvo

Brent gets his arm nearly broken

Donnie reverse schoolboys Brent

Laying the boots into the jobber

Unique side crippler crossface

Chace is lifted for a high back breaker

Narcissus Reborn

"Who's the punk now?! How's that piercing?" yells Donnie as he cranks on a crossface chicken wing, threatening Brent's cute chin-piercing stud. Donnie has Brent submitting in devastation twice within 7 minutes! The visual appeals of Brent's butt rival those of Donnie's own, enraging him further. "You're just a doormat!" Donnie snarls as he tramples Brent's back again and again, wiping his boots on the Boss's special prettyboy upstart. He takes out his anger on the hapless wannabe, and the pleasure shows.

Donnie's fun is suddenly interrupted by Chace, who enters to discover his private match is not so private. Immediately indignant, like a jilted lover unable to believe what he's seeing, he spits "You got a match scheduled with me and you're wrestling someone else?!?" Donnie, with Brent still stretched over his knee in a submission-screaming backbreaker, can't keep his eyes off the lean ripped arrivant in muscle-butt-hugging red trunks. "I see you got the email too about the red trunks" he says barely containing his glee as he continues his "good time" with his nearly-out jobber. Still furious, Chace rejoins "You think you're THAT good!?"

Donnie gleefully admits his double booking guilt, then loudly deadpans, "I understand your concern. But I am that--damned--good--and I will kick both your asses!! So if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna kick this little punk's ass and I'll be right with you."

Leaping quickly into the ring once Donnie has rolled the hurting, submitted Brent out to the floor, Chace stuns the double-dealing champ with a flying headscissors! His rage is evident even as Donnie counters and begins to pound the crap out of the writhing, raging young musclerookie, again within minutes. As Chace's back gets worked over, his big red bulge humps the mat and his butt gets naturally wedgied giving great views in this 2nd butt-licious display!

Donnie's big thighs crank a headscissors, and oh-so-reluctant submissions later, Donnie feels a twinge of jealousy: "Real pretty abs you got there jobberboy!" He then proceeds to deal out gut punches and ab punishment, pausing every now and again to kick Brent as the latter tries to crawl back into the ring for more.

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Donnie Drake vs. Chace LaChance vs. Brent Salvo
41 minutes

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Donnie's ripped muscles bulge as he executes a perfect dropkick

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