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  Nick Archer vs. Ringkid UK

Nick Archer

Choking Ringkid in the ropes

An over-Arching victory pose

A spinning rack backbreaker

Young Stud Lets Loose on Brit Rookie

What a total pro look and what a total pro heel our young handsome Nick turns out to be. It's like we unleashed a raging lion and poor Ringkid UK is the sorry sacrifice. This is a very, VERY stiff beating with stomps, kicks, gut pounding and a panoply of painful, punishing holds. Ringkid takes several slams and suplexes and gets dragged around the ring with his union jack t-shirt wrapped around his throat! Some very tight & nasty headscissors and a phenomenal airplane spin lead to a very brutal finish. Pain and punishment is the order of the day! nNick has never been cockier or looked sexier. His heel-turn should put the fear in every BG babyface.

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Nick Archer vs. Ringkid UK
26 minutes

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No sweat! Ringkid crushed!


Ringkid UK

Spladle-split in piercing pain

Scissored into the bottom buckle

A choking camel clutch

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