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  Jerry Connors vs. Gil Barrios*

Jerry Connors -5'10 160

Body scissors in shorts

The rookie boy in trouble

Jerry Connors gets carried away

From the backyard to Wrestleshack, Jerry controls the Brazilian stud

Playtime is over

Gil has been making a name for himself in full-contact matches that almost invariably earn him an asterisk on the BG East website. This is one BG East star who is not in the least bit inhibited or reticent about stripping off his gear (or having it stripped of of him) and even revels in showing off his ample and impressive manhood. Gil tends to think that wrestling with any gear on is a waste of time. Every match for Gil is about proving and displaying that manhood and inspiring awe with his hard toned physique, and he enjoys nothing more than a decisive, final victory preening over his conquered opponent entirely naked.

Rookie boy Jerry did his research when he applied to wrestle for BG East. He saw what Gil is packing, and when he made his pitch to join the ranks of BG East wrestlers, Jerry specifically called out Gil. It's hard to argue with his logic. If Jerry comes out on top over the savvy mat veteran, he'll have established himself as a rookie to be reckoned with. If he loses, he'll at least have had an opportunity to enjoy the bare-naked Barrios treatment up close and personal. Win or lose, Jerry can't see how this match can be a miss. Because Jerry Connors likes his Latino studs big and tough and shaggy and hung!

Gil and Jerry don't make it to the outdoor mats before the competition erupts. What starts out looking like a playground scuffle quickly turns vicious, as both men squeeze and grab and yank until shoes, shirts, and shorts are stripped down to their underwear. The non-stop scrap finally makes it onto the mats in the back of the BG East compound, where this quickly grows into a full-on backyard brawl. Gil's advantages in experience as well as size and strength are immediately evident, as he's able to twist and squeeze the handsome rookie like a pretzel and easily power him all over the mats. When Gil manages to roll Jerry to his back and schoolboy pin him with his big bulge dangling just over Jerry's face, he taunts the rookie. "Come on, I want to train today! I don't want to play."

Gil lets Jerry up and starts to clear the mat of gear, but Jerry proves that he's got some spunk by launching an attack when Gil's back is turned. Jerry milks his dirty trick domination with a skull crushing side headlock, but a lapse in concentration hands the advantage back to Gil. That's all that Gil needs to lay down another rookie beating, including a stunning inverted-reverse bear hug that has Jerry red-faced and completely helpless. Gil toys with him, playing catch-and-release over and over in order to apply new and more humiliating holds, taunting him as just another pushover rookie "bitch." To his credit, Jerry soaks up the punishment like a sponge and keeps coming back for more.

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Jerry Connors vs. Gil Barrios*
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From shorts to speedos to thongs to nothing! Jerry strips the Brazilian of what little he has left

Nude double leg takedown

Crushing side headlock

Gil cranks on a camel clutch

Brutal butt-humping Boston

Bulging body-vice backbreaker

Talk about arrogance! Talk about bubble butts! Gil does pull ups with Jerry in his headscissors

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