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  Joshua Goodman vs. Eddy Rey

Removing Mr. J's sun glasses

Sexy Eddy bulging in the ropes

Mr. J bulging before Eddy Rey

Handcuffing a helpless Mr. J

Digging deep! Mr. J checks on his man hood after a punishing low blow dropped him to his knees

It's All Fun and Games Until the Handcuffs Come Out!

Mr. Joshua might as well have a bull's-eye painted across his abdomen, because Eddy takes aim and delivers relentless blow after relentless blow. Punches, stomps, elbow drops, and body scissors concentrate Eddy's calmly calculated offense in one and only one place: Mr. Joshua's rippled abs. The astonished veteran finds himself writhing in agony in the center of the ring, completely at the rookie's mercy. This is most certainly not the way that Mr. J is accustomed to "breaking in a rookie." With nowhere to go and no longer able to endure the gut pounding, Mr. J sounds astonished to hear himself cry out, "I give!"

Eddy takes his time toweling the sweat off of his body as he admires himself in the mirror, giving Mr. J the opportunity to recover from his Round 1 humiliation. However, the beginning of the second fall doesn't look like it's going to go any better for the cocky veteran. Eddy takes the gut bashing to the corners, trapping Mr. J and unleashing boots and shoulder blocks delivered like cruise missiles to the exact same spot. Mr. J's rippled abs turn bright red from the relentless pounding they take.

The scene is looking bleak for Mr. Joshua until Eddy shoots the veteran into the ropes. Eddy telegraphs his move, allowing Mr. J the opportunity to deliver an equalizer boot to the face. Like a viper, Mr. J strikes in an instant, tying Eddy's arms between the ring ropes and unleashing a snarling, savage assault on Eddy's pecs. Eddy is cinched into the ropes good and tight, leaving him completely vulnerable to the sadistic whims of a wrestler with a deep arsenal and an injured pride making him doubly dangerous. Having worn Eddy down, Mr. J steps through the ropes, arches his opponent back, and straddles Eddy's face high between his powerful thighs, squeezing until the upstart is pleading for release.

Mr. Joshua knows not to give his battered opponent time to recover. Digging into his bag of tricks, he pulls out a sparring glove and uses Eddy's pecs like a heavy bag. Pec claws dig into Eddy's muscles leaving him at Mr. J's mercy. Eddy refuses to submit valiantly, but there's no stopping Mr. J once he's tasted blood. He squeezes another submission out of the big man, taking two falls to one and gloating long and hard over his beaten opponent.

Mr. J wants to teach the "fresh meat" a lesson he'll never forget. Handcuffs appear from his bag of tricks. But Eddy isn't ready to take Mr. J's bound discipline quite yet. A low blow to Mr. Joshua's real pride and joy, that huge sack, turn the last 7 minutes of this match into a desperate scramble until one hunk is cuffed into the corner, completely helpless to do anything other than submit over and over again to unrelenting gut bashing.

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Joshua Goodman vs. Eddy Rey
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Tough Eddy holds Mr' J's chin in his hand: Abs tighten up in anticipation of the blow to come

200+ pounds stomping on Mr. Joshua's pecs & abs

On the ropes for some gut bashing

Muscle on muscle pec claw

Wham! Bulge to bulge gut bashing

Eddy struts his stuff over Mr. J

Mr. Joshua punished with an abdominal stretch in the corner, defenseless and hand cuffed!

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