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  AJ Lyle vs. Skrapper*

Spanking Skrapper's tight ass

Folding Skrapper up for a pin

Face to crotch schoolboy & ball grab

AJ grabs as Skrapper chokes

Skrapper starts to go out as AJ presses his hips forward, putting more pressure into his choke

A Sexy Sleepover

This is a slumber party that every gay wrestleboy dreams of, where you give your 'roomie' the hairy eyeball, clear away the mattresses, strip down to your bulging underwear and go to town! AJ exerts his dominance from the get-go, making the sleepy boy cry out in submission barely minutes into the match! "Say I give!" orders AJ, like the bullying roommate who enjoys tormenting the weak. Trapping him in a schoolboy pin, AJ smiles above him, "You ain't going anywhere," while punching the boy's face none too lightly with his big fists. AJ grinds his tight orange and maroon briefs into the smaller guy's face. Skrapper does manage to squirm his way out of AJ's iron grip, just long enough to return the favor of shoving his sexy pink-covered crotch into the bigger man's face.

The two trade punches and side headlocks, as Skrapper's feisty side is sparked by AJ's taunting. Skrapper manages to pull the blanket over AJ's eyes, literally, when he grabs the closest object to cover his opponent's face. But AJ retaliates by smothering the lean and taught Skrapper with a pillow before locking his head between two thick thighs. This is no playful pillow fight. No sir. THIS is getting seriously hot and heavy.

With increasingly tighter and more punishing head scissors and rougher and longer crotch grabs, this will be one sleepover to remember! Both these guys love to dominate. There are no secret jobber longings hiding under a tough-guy facade. They're both going for the jugular. "Flex for me!" Skrapper says, while feeling up AJ's muscular chest. AJ gladly obliges, as the two toss and turn, until AJ traps Skrapper in a vicious sleeper hold. Suddenly all playfulness ends. Skrapper panics and begs to be let go and telling AJ, "I'll give you everything you want." The look of power in AJ's eyes is matched only by the desperate begging from a now very legitimately 'sleepy' Skrapper. Naked and sweaty, the two end up sharing the very room over which they did battle, dimming the lights, locking lips and starting a whole different type of wrestling match between the sheets...

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AJ Lyle vs. Skrapper*
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Both guys are tops and want to dominate and win: Skrapper Slapping & grabbing AJ's bubble butt

Gazing up into AJ's crotch

Back and forth face smother scissors

Mouthful of sweaty man meat

Desperately trying to get air

Powerful thighs squeeze a scissors

The playful pillow fight suddenly gets VERY serious as both fighters make it VERY real

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