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  Rio Garza vs. Christopher Bruce

Rio Garza - 6'0, 185 lbs

Stuck in between powerful quads

Rock hard legs make Chris scream

Hunk comeback, what a crotch split!

Sweaty bodies collide as Chris Bruce applies this close contact Kiss of Death sleeper

The Young and the Wrestler; or, Hunks In Jocks!

Christopher Bruce is a venerable BG East veteran who is respected on and off camera, in and out of the ring. His legion of fans revere him not just for his handsome face and ever-humpy physique but for his gentlemanly demeanor. The happy warrior is always glad to step back in front of the cameras to show and he's game to take on any comer, in the ring or on the mats. And BG East is always glad to have him. Chris used to be the 'pretty boy', he explains to the young and somewhat arrogant Rio, but now he is all mature beefcake in his red white and blue wrestling trunks, flexing his big biceps at his opponent, demonstrating his power and promising serious experience as a seasoned fighter.

Rio listens somewhat attentively but it's clear that he is easily distracted by his own extraordinary physique reflected back at him in the mirror. Wearing provocative pink briefs, he flexes his toned and tanned young body for the cameras and eagerly engages in a muscle posedown with the BG veteran. Rio's definition is awe-inspiring but Chris' beefy bulk certainly has to be daunting to the dark handsome Latino sensation. Rio's six pack is both inviting and hard as rock, his shoulders and biceps like cannonballs. But the quads on Christopher Bruce are like the tree trunks of mighty oaks!

And Chris does not hesitate to wrap those thick thighs around Rio's sexy narrow waist and clamp down hard. Rio is lithe and strong and reveals a sexy accent when he finds himself looking up at Chris Bruce and begging, "No!" But where there's a rivalry in comparing muscle so is there is trading powerful body scissors. Rio wraps his legs around Chris Bruce's ribs and then later ups the ante by entrapping the veteran's head between his chiseled thighs! Soon the sweat starts flowing and the grunts get groaning. Both the long-time veteran babyface (and frequent jobber) and the Latin sensation have something to prove. One wants to prove that he's well beyond his former jobber status and the other wants to avoid getting trapped in the same category. Despite their efforts and desires, some fans will still want to see them both get pummeled, punished and then squashed!

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Rio Garza vs. Christopher Bruce
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Rio strips Christopher Bruce

Christopher Bruce puts the big squeeze on Rio Garza: Bare bottom bearhug on the muscle hunk

Comparing muscular thighs with Chris Bruce - 5'9, 195 lbs

Sweaty test of strength

Rio squirms in a tight scissors

Ripped Rio scissors Chris Bruce

Rio can't submit fast enough in Christopher Bruce's perfectly applied neck crunching camel clutch

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