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  Marc Merino vs. Randy Dowell vs. Stan Greer*

Worship me, you peasant!

2 on 1: Nelson & gut punch

Double scissors, head & body pain

Battle of the behemoths

1...2...3! You're mine! Randy on top of KO'ed Marc, the ultimate BG East fan experience!

Clash of the Muscle Gods

"Let's go then!" Marc snarls, and in an instant the muscle hunk has his worshiper locked up tight and gasping for air. He muscles Randy around the mat like child's- play. Squeezing the air out of his lungs in a rib-cracking bearhug, in short order Marc forces Randy to submit. When Randy peels himself off the mat and crawls back to kneel at his muscle god's feet, Marc shoves his head between his powerful thighs and drops to the mat, crushing his opponent's skull in a relentless head scissor. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, Marc is turned on by his own dominating image. "Fuck yeah," he growls, flexing, "Yeah, look at these pecs. I'm a fucking muscle god!" Randy struggles, gasping and choking. "Shut up and worship me!" Marc demands.

Randy holds out as long as he can, relishing the suffering delivered so intimately trapped between the crushing thighs his muscle god. But when Marc demands it, Randy obediently submits. Kneeling over top of Randy, Marc continues to flex as his opponent slowly recovers. Lustfully, Randy reaches up to caress and then squeeze the mammoth pecs dancing tantalizingly overhead. "Oh man," Randy gasps breathlessly, "I would love to see you in the wrestling ring. That's where you're the best!"

"Oh yeah?" Marc grumbles. "Let's go!" Yanking Randy to his feet, he drags him out the door, flexing his bicep in Randy's face as they go. It turns out, however, that the BG East ring has already been reserved by newcomer Stan (Don't Call Me Stanley) Greer. Stan has been competing in mixed martial arts for the past two years. At 6'2" tall and 220 pounds, the Brooklyn native doesn't take shit off anyone. And he's entirely unaccustomed to having his ring time interrupted by a would-be muscle god and his slack-jawed worshipper. "What the fuck is this?" Stan asks as Marc drags Randy to the mirror and continues to flex his muscles for Randy to worship. "Who the hell do you think you are, guy?"

Stan is fascinated by the look of abject worship on Randy's face. Randy can't take his eyes off of Marco... that is until he catches sight of Stupendous Stan beginning to flex his own massive muscles across the ring! Marco slaps Randy in the side of the head, demanding his continued full attention, "Look over here!" Randy takes turn soaking in the hulking forms of both would-be muscle gods, unable to decide which hunk to worship.

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Marc Merino vs. Randy Dowell vs. Stan Greer*
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