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  Marc Merino vs. Randy Dowell vs. Stan Greer*

Marc Merino - 5'10, 216 lbs

Randy Dowell - 5'10, 165 lbs

Ecstasy & pain in Marc's scissor

Stan winds up to smash Marc's chest

Randy turns his admiration from Marc Merino to new muscle hunk Stan Greer, stripping the big stud

"Worship him like the muscle god he is!"

Marc Merino made a big splash in his BG East debut in Gear Wars 2. Then again, when you're built like Marc, you tend to make a big splash! The 5'10", 216-pound muscle hunk with a disarmingly handsome face can't go far without garnering lustful stares. Even Marc has a tough time tearing his gaze away from his own striking image in the mirror. And what Marc's opponent and BG East fans everywhere learned from Gear Wars 2 is that when this stud climbs into the ring, he's a handful (and a mouthful!).

Long-time BG East fanatic, Randy Dowell, was completely captivated by Marc's debut. He was so taken with the big Italian that letters and phone calls from Randy began to pour in, pleading with the powers that be at BG East to let him meet the phenomenal rookie in person. Randy's desperate tone, presistence and increasingly creative ideas for what he was willing to do in order to earn some "alone time" with Marc eventually got a rise out of the office boys at BG East. They handed Randy's letters (and photo) to Marc to see what he thought about his amorous admirer's pleas to "worship him like the muscle god his is!" Marc just smirked, kissed his biceps, and snarled, "Fuck yeah, bring him on!"

By the time Randy is escorted to the BG East matroom, the big Italo-stud Marc is already warming up and admiring his thick stunning muscles in the mirror. He looks like a Roman god, with dark curly hair, flawless olive skin, and muscles bulging from a fresh pump. He's barely squeezed his bubble butt into the briefest of square cut blue trunks. Randy stares, transfixed, questioning whether this could really be happening. Marc Merino is right there in front of him, in the flesh, flexing and posing for no one else but Randy.

When Randy finally comes to his senses, he reaches out, tentatively at first, to touch the big beefy muscle god of his dreams. Almost shyly, he creeps up to the flexing muscle hunk and oh-so-gingerly strokes Marc's massive bicep. When his muscle god continues to pose, as if oblivious to his admirer's touch, Randy begins exploring the expansive landscape of Marc's powerful physique more aggressively. He squeezes and strokes the rock hard biceps, the broad shoulders, the abs and those thick thighs. Taking a step back and soaking in the sight of his fantasy man, Randy sighs. "I always wanted to wrestle with you," Randy says admiringly, with a twinge of pleading in his voice.

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Marc Merino vs. Randy Dowell vs. Stan Greer*
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