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  Charlie Panther vs. Tim Messina  

Tim Messina - 5'8, 140 lbs

Tim cranks The Panther's neck

Tim punished on the ropes

Brutal over the knee backbreaker

Rookie boy Tim Messina puts up a brave fight but a newly ripped Panther pretzel him into submission

A Rookie with Something to Prove v "The Greatest Body in Wrestling"

Charlie Panther is back, and he's determined to make sure that you, and his rookie opponent, won't soon forget it. Charlie has put on astonishing muscle mass since we last saw him in action. With typical Panther understatement, he explains to Tim Messina, "You're looking at the greatest body the world of wrestling has ever seen!" Hyperbole or not, no one is going to be too eager to take issue with his claim. His upper body is ripped and unquestionably powerful. He's legs are incredibly thick. And that ass is nothing if not breathtaking! He's never failed to obliterate the opponents that BG East has dangled in front of him. Now sporting an even more powerful, ripped body, it's hard to picture a long, lean rookie boy like Tim Messina lasting even 5 minutes in the ring with him.

Tim Messina, on the other hand, is not about to turn tail even with the taunting, intimidating figure of the Panther staring him in the face. Tim has been working his ass off in underground and local pro wrestling for a couple of years. He's conditioned his lean body for marathon matches and ample punishment. He's developed an impressive arsenal of holds and enviable timing and intuition. The only thing Tim doesn't have is a contract with a quality company like BGE to make him the wrestling superstar of which he's dreamed.

Charlie barely takes time to breathe between his taunting, running monologue lamenting the destruction that he has in store for his "poor, poor" opponent. "Do you know who I am!? Do you know what this is all about?! Right now you are in the ring with a god!!! You're in the ring with THE Charlie Panther. Are you ready for that, little man!?"

Tim answers with a dismissive sneer and a shove to Charlie's thick pecs. Clearly, a frontal attack on Charlie's pride and joy may not have been Tim's best bet but what's a nervous rookie - and potential jobber - to do? The muscle man unleashes a barrage of forearm smashes that pound Tim the not-so-terrible to the mat. He chokes the rookie in the corner. He chokes him standing in the middle of the ring. He chokes him while simultaneously doing push ups over his prone body. Tim throws a few desperate punches, but the opening minutes of this match are a Charlie Panther clinic. "Come on, kid!" Charlie pleads, as if hoping, doubtfully, for some real competition. "That all you got!?"

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Charlie Panther vs. Tim Messina
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Scissors & chiropractic adjustment?

Tim cornered and trample choked

Charlie Panther - 6'1, 185 lbs

Charlie has Tim gasping for air

Charlie clamps on a camel clutch

Lifting the lightweight with ease

Tim gaps for breath and grovels on the mat in spasm as The Panther celebrates in victory

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