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  Reese Wells vs. Len Harder

Len Harder - 5'9, 152

Reese suplexes Len into the pool

Wells wails in Len's bodyscissors

Muscular legs squeeze Harder hard

Camel Clutch: Reese is out to make a statement and Len is the chalkboard on which he is writing it!

Wells Gone Wild

Reese Wells refuses to get in the pool with Len Harder, which kind of surprises Len because Reese always seems so nice, squeaky clean nice, the sort of young man you'd think might fix his kid sister's dollhouse or climb a tree to rescue an elderly neighbor's cat. Think again. If Reese ever was a Boy Scout, he might well be working on his asshole badge this year. And he's working overtime on it. Len's just trying to be friendly, and Reese lashes back with an insult, acting as if Harder's playful splashing poses some kind of affront to his reputation. The only thing that is going to motivate Wells to get into the water is the chance to hold Harder's head underwater and feel this fresh punk struggle for air while clasped tightly against his own lean, artfully proportioned body. Dollhouses and felines, beware! Reese Wells is ready to go bad! Little Lenny beware!

Perhaps years of bringing out the sadist in men like Jonny Firestorm, Jobe Zander, Kirby Stone, and Rio Garza has finally brought out the boy next door's dark side. We honestly don't know what did it. But maybe it's Harder's rep as a cocky twink which inspires Reese to play the bully this time. A raw choke from behind as Len thrashes and gasps for air elicits only a smug, satisfied smile from Reese. He climbs up to the tiled edge of the pool and yanks Harder up by his hair, scissoring his victim's semi-shaved head between his thickly knit thighs. It's clear that Wells is determined to dominate and wreck his opponent. Of the two he is clearly the more solidly built - and the one, perhaps, with the most to prove. Still, Len has his own personal stock of nasty to draw upon, and he gives Reese a taste of his own medicine, and then some, to make the fresh young heel wannabe think better of his decision to choose Len as the victim to try out his newfound bullying skills.

But resistance only makes Reese see red. He is determined not to be deterred from his mission! He knows that he is regarded by the majority of BG wrestlers as an up and coming talent but a vulnerable and still easily beatable job boy. It's a perception he's desperate to change and he intends to use Len as the vehicle by which he will disabuse all the other BG boys of their mistaken notion. He slugs Len in the shoulders and on the back of his head, clubbing the smaller man back to submission. When he regains the upper hand, he chokes Harder harder, grabs him by the skinny part of his trunks, marches him up the pool steps, and smashes him back into the fishbowl. Not once, but twice. When he fishes Len out of the water the third time, it is to drive him with repeated blows into the mat room, where the two men decide it's time to finish this brawl on their land legs!

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Reese Wells vs. Len Harder
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Using a wet towel to strap Len onto his back, Reese punishes Harder with a brutal hangman submission

Handfull of hair, knee to the neck

Reese Wells - 5'9, 152

Reese cranks a chokehold on Len

A dip and dunk full nelson

A wet belly to back suplex

Len is not gonna let Reese walk all over him: A head scissors and gut bashing have Wells wailing

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