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  Christian Taylor vs. Jake Jenkins

Jake Jenkins - 5'7, 158 lbs

Belly to back water suplex slam

A dunking figure 4 variation

Choke-slammed into the drink

Jake employs his coniderable mat skills to twist Christian into an abdominal stretch variation

Backflips and Backhands

Like kids at summer camp, Jake Jenkins wants Christian Taylor to clasp hands together and launch him up out of the water so that he can show off (for the hundredth time) his gold-medal backflip. Three tries get Jenkins barely free of the surface, and he's beginning to get pissed off at Taylor for gumming up his usual near-perfect form. Heated, defiant words are exchanged, and the two snatch each other up by the thighs and flip each other back into the aqua waves, wrestling, plunging in face forward, rising, gasping, to clear (just barely) their nostrils of chlorine before ducking back down. It's almost as if they want to see who can fight the longest on the least amount of oxygen. Tall, lanky Taylor gains an early advantage by carrying Jenkins, who's a half foot shorter, into the deep end. But when Jenkins gets back to a suitable depth, he hoists a nearly weightless Taylor up and mercilessly pounds him against the water's churning surface, so that in a matter of a minute or two pink blotches bloom on Christian's pale skin like poppies in August.

At the beginning of this fracas, the commotion in the pool could perhaps pass for a harmless but unusually rough and rowdy Baptist purification rite, but then the tone changes: Jake's natural combativeness flares, as he batters Christian's lean physique with wild punches in an attempt at sapping the power from the bigger wrestler's frame. Jenkins is a hothead, make no mistake about it. Slapping his muscular legs around Taylor's slender waist, he drives his elbow between his opponent's shoulder blades, hard and repeatedly. Then, as the two square off again, he slams his fist to Taylor's diaphragm. Christian moans and folds in two, clutching his chest, but Jenkins does not wait two seconds before pouncing on the guy and burying his head underwater. Jake climbs the edge of the pool and hurls himself into the air, drop-kicking Christian in the chest! Incoming missile!

But as always, our Christian exhibits remarkable resilience. As much punishment as the hot-tempered Jenkins throws at him, Taylor still comes back at him, unbowed and determined to show he is every bit the tough guy Jake is. After Jenkins delivers what looks like a certain finisher, Christian jumps on Jake and latches him into a rear naked choke and drags him kicking and snarling to the deep end of the pool. Unimpressed, Jake grunts out a taunt: "You squeeze like a bitch!" So Christian smacks his face down into the water to cool him off a little. However, just as it begins to look like the tide is turning to Christian's favor, Jake plants his feet on the side of the pool, thrusts out to clothesline Taylor, and then snags him into a figure-four headscissors and threatens a KO of his own!

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