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  Morgan Cruise vs. Eli Black

Lean and lovely Eli Black - 5'6, 135

Morgan tramples the twink

Eli mounts the big dude for a sleeper

A fist deep into the solar plexus

Pounding, stomping, punching the air out of Eli's lungs, Morgan lifts him into a reverse bearhug

I Got a Fist That Could Fit That Gut

Some guys into the wrestling game may make their professional debut working for one of those other companies out there but they all know - or certainly they learn fast enough - that if you really want to test your mettle, if you really want to 'play with the big boys', if you truly want to see if you have what it really takes - you compete at BG East. Eli Black is one such young man. Vastly experienced and extraordinarily accomplished as an amateur wrestler, Eli is now venturing into other areas of man-to-man combat including mixed martial arts and pro. His previous experiences elsewhere with pro whetted his appetite and left him craving more: more talented and skilled opponents and a promotion which took skill and technique as seriously as he does. Welcome to BG East, brother!

Eli Black shadowboxes in the ring alone, demonstrating his flexibility, his MMA training, and abs you could scrub your jeans on. The hotshot rookie is smooth and sharp as a shark's tooth. His clean-cut, all-American good looks belie what his moves clearly display: the instincts of a killer. We'll have to ask him some day to confirm this, but several of us suspect that the kanji symbols tattooed from his ribs to the tiptop of his iliac furrow must read something like "Born to Bust Balls, Kick Ass, and Demolish." If they don't, they should. In tight white briefs, with "Pow!" (in English) emblazoned across awesome glutes, this barefoot young dude looks ready to take BG East by storm in this, his debut match.

Morgan "The Mastodon" Cruise, another newcomer, has the advantage of a previous match (versus rugged ripped roughneck Lon Dumont) and about thirty beefy pounds of thick, hairy muscle over lean Eli. Cruise climbs onto the apron, a skeptical smirk crooking his lips. He shows off his assets in a double bicep pose (two gunz that look like they could bend iron bars). The darkly handsome rookie has a burly body and a blunt forehead, the typical rough-and-tumble physique of a pro wrestler. "Nice abs, dude," he says, with venomous condescension. "Those ... look ... great." The way his eyes lock on to Eli's flitting and mercurial figure leaves little room to doubt that Cruise thinks his brawny arms and Black's fluent abs ought to get very well acquainted indeed.

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Morgan Cruise vs. Eli Black
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Tormenting & toying w/ the rookie

Talons dig into Eli's abdominal wall

Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 165

Eli cornered and throttled

Bashing Eli's vulnerable abs

Lateral lift prep for OTK gut buster

Young rookie Eli Black cries out in agony as Morgan The Mauler repeatedly bashes his beautiful belly

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