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  Joe Robbins vs. Braden Charron

Suffering Braden screams in pain

Head arched back: Bearhug agony

Ropes for additional pressure

Glancing at Braden's bubble butt

Triumphantly placing his size 14 boot across Braden's exposed backside and wedgied butt


The nasty smirk on Joe's face should be a tip-off to Braden - but the shorter stud doesn't seem to sense the danger he's in as he continues posing, even mouthing off to the bigger man - and when Joe starts putting his own impressive muscles through their posing paces, Braden shrugs off the size he's giving up in the contest. He's certain his body and symmetry are better than Joe's, and doesn't care that all he's doing is stoking the fire in the furnace. And a sucker punch to the abs with all of Joe's weight behind sends the smaller man sprawling...and the ultimate destruction is on.

Methodically, like a cat with a crippled mouse, Big Joe begins working his way through every magnificent muscle in Braden's body, relishing each note of the aria of agony he is eliciting from Braden! Every time time Braden manages to form his screams into the words "I submit" the delighted smile on Joe's face gets bigger - and he gives the muscle boy only a moment's respite before moving on to even more torture. Unfortunately for Braden, he appears to be Joe's sole subject of dissertation for his Ph.D in Pain.

Each hold grows more aggressive, more sadistic and torturous, as the mighty muscles on both supermen slowly begin to become bathed in sweat, which only further highlights their amazing mounds of muscular definition. The spectacular and repeated bearhugs which Joe clamps on Braden from both the front and back, are not only textbook perfect, but absolutely iconic in their display of muscle and power and punishment.

He slowly, deliberately breaks down Braden's back not only with those python arms but also with fists, knees, and feet, trampling across the hunk's lower back, forcing him to arch that glorious bubble butt. Backbreakers, bodyslams and boston compress his breath and torque his spine. Braden's big pecs are an equally tempting target and Joe can't resist squeezing the smack-taking muscle stud's head between his huge quads or compressing it into a brain-crusher between his massive hands. Soon Braden is nothing more than just a practice dummy for the sadistic bastard - a muscularly bulbous practice dummy with his patriotic bikini wedged up his magnificent butt cheeks! Instant motivation for a rematch!

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Joe Robbins vs. Braden Charron
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Demolished to where he needs the ropes to support his weight

Cranium cracking head vice: Big Joe tries to crush his head like a melon

Admiring his massive biceps

Chest to chest sweaty bearhug

Manhandled like a rag doll

Scooped up for a big powerslam

Braden desperately pleads with Big Joe to release him and put him out of his bearhug misery

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