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  Joe Robbins vs. Braden Charron

Joe Robbins - 6'2, 240

Waist crushing reverse bearhug

Bubble butt bearhug squeeze

Powerful sweaty headscissors

Braden arches in pain as the sweat rolls down: Big Joe digs his talons deep into Braden's beefy pecs


The hours Braden Charron spends in the weight room show in every inch of his magnificently muscled body - the bulging biceps, the perfect pecs, the bountiful bouncing buttocks, the luscious lats, and the terrific triceps. It's no wonder he likes to show off his Herculean form in the skimpiest of patriotic bikinis while checking himself out in the mirror. He magnificence belongs on a pedestal - and it's not hard to envision him, sword and shield in hand, going off to face the Nemean Lion, or mount at the Augean stables, or kill the multi-headed Hydra. As he flexes the mighty muscles in his stocky body, it is too easy to believe that like Perseus and so many of the other Greek heroes, he could have been fathered by Zeus - his form is that god-like. His ass is awe-inspiring - thick and hard and perfectly rounded, perched on top of his colossal legs and barely contained inside his stars and striped bikini. But alas, despite his god-like appearance and allure, once he stepd through the ropes and the bell rings bounteous Braden proves himself to be all too human.

Some of the mightiest men in The Boss' stable - Brad, Alexi, Donnie, Aryx, Tyrell, Jonny, Jed - have taken great relish in taking on the muscle tank apart, those Olympian muscles proving to be too great a target for attacks of ever-increasing and creative brutality. And the fans respond - who doesn't enjoy seeing beautiful Braden take a brutal beating?

Big Joe Robbins is also god-like in his masculine magnificence. He has leaned down, achieving the almost impossible to imagine task of improving on his already impressive body. A perfectionist who wants to be the best at everything, he wants to be known as the best body at BGEast as well as the biggest badass beat-down battler.

Now tight, defined and lean, every muscle fiber rippling and showing with every movement, tanned and sexy in an equally skimpy black bikini with pink trim, the big man has mowed down every wrestler who's had the balls to get in the ring with him - defeating the usual suspects like Kieran and Rio but also some big men like Dick Rick and Tyrell Tomsen and major threats like Paul Hudson and Lon Dumont - a most impressive feat, indeed. Which makes Braden's demeaning smack talk around the locker room about Joe's body and skill seem either incredible brave or just plain stupid - or some combination of both? Nothing fires up Big Joe more than a grudge...and it's pretty damned clear as he climbs into the ring there's only one thing on his mind: beating Braden's bountiful butt!

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Joe Robbins vs. Braden Charron
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Wedgie! Big Joe hovers over a battered and beaten Braden, his great glutes on glorious display

Ready to break the big muscle hunk in two, Big Joe Robbins sits deep into a choking camel clutch

Braden Charron - 5'8, 195

Big muscle single leg boston

Animalistic torture rack!

Over the shoulder torture rack

Joe's got the power! Braden powered high up into the air with a neck crunching full nelson

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