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  Lon Dumont vs. Mike Pitt

Lon Dumont

Trapped in the corner & boot-choked

Lon shows who's in charge: cross legged chin lock

Pecs stretched again: Mike screams in agony

Lon flexes his contest-ready bulging biceps as he tortures Mike in the ropes

Nothing but Time... for a Pec Beating!

Both Mike Pitt and Lon Dumont cut their teeth at BG East by fighting bigger wrestlers, Lon with more success than Mike. From the beginning, The Boss threw young Mike to big, carnivorous heels like Bulldog Barzini, Donnie Drake, and Exavier. Lon amazed fans and peers alike with his fighting spirit against the likes of Eddy Rey, Joe Robbins, and Morgan Cruise, men close to twice his size. The contrasts in looks and styles are even more striking. Handsome Mike is the meatier of the two, a regular-looking guy who does not rely on gym membership and fad diets to maintain his strong and healthy build. By contrast, mean and sexy Lon measures every bite he eats with the compulsive exactitude of a chemist mixing solutions and has a body as lean and finely tuned as a ninja sword. He spends a quarter of his waking life in gyms and workout rooms. For Lon a pizza is what a crucifix is for a vampire. Mike is quiet and easygoing, though he's fond of a good tussle now and then, for kicks, just to get his juices flowing. Lon has been arrogant from Day 1, boasting of his abs (they ARE killer) and purported invincibility in the wrestling ring. He too likes to fight, and as he has risen through the ranks at BGE, he's come to fight mainly for the pure, vicious pleasure of damaging his opponents.

As Lon climbs into the ring, Mike holds out his hand as a sign of good sportsmanship. Lon pushes it away, without a word, not even making eye contact, too intent on studying his fine, sinewy body in the wall mirror. After a long, pregnant pause, Lon speaks first, saying, "Didn't mean to interrupt you," in a flat, toneless voice, "sorry about that." Then Mike makes the mistake of briefly getting between Lon and the mirror, and anger flashes visibly in Lon's eyes. "I've got my whole schedule cleaned out," Lon says with punctilious diction, "I've got nothing but time." Already, Lon has designs for Mike, and he wants time to relish every sadistic moment. Tan in pink and black trunks, he looks and talks like an exacting and slightly deranged personal trainer. Mike asserts himself, shoving Lon to the corner ropes, twice. He proffers his hand again, this time for a test of strength. Lon shies away from the contest, but Mike persists, and the two lock up. Lon charges in, thrusts his chest to Mike's, putting his entire body into the struggle, and succeeds in bringing Mike to his knees. Mike reverses, twisting Lon's wrists, then shoulder joints painfully. "All that posing, all that dieting," young Mike gloats, "for nothing."

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Lon Dumont vs. Mike Pitt
26 minutes

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Lon stomps Mike's beefy pecs

Iron-tight pec claw on Mike's muscular pec

Pitbull Mike Pitt

Test of strength lockup

Mighty Mike stretches out Lon's pecs

Pec control on the beefy babyface

Lon sizes up his stunned victim for a giant forearm to the chest

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