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  Lon Dumont vs. Mike Pitt

Mike Pitt 5'8, 175 lbs

Muscle popping test of strength, head to pec!

Ripping apart his bound foe's face

Double pec claw

Pec pounding with a iron-tight claw. Lon winds up big

Pec-Popping Punishment is just part of the game!

As muscles go, pecs pretty much dominate the human male physique, and they are among the strongest muscles in the body. Their physiological effect is to move the shoulders and arms. But they're also highly effective in attracting partners. Along with biceps, lats, abs, thigh muscles, and, of course, the butt, they are widely recognized hot spots that spark erotic desire. This is why push-ups and pull-ups are the most popular fitness exercises. Perhaps the pecs are the earliest part of the male anatomy --the second-- to be fetishized, or so it would seem because phrases like "broad chested," "hairy chested," "bare chested," and "deep chested" have forever denoted he-man attractiveness. Whether we're talking about Dwayne Johnson's "pec pop of love" or Tarzan beating his chest after a successful kill, strong, prominent pecs imply power and virility. With that in mind, to attack a man's pecs is tantamount to attacking his manhood. Clutching a man's tits is only slightly less intimate than clutching his balls. And what symbolizes victory and dominance more than standing with one foot resting on a fallen adversary's chest?

BG East's new Pec Bash series is inspired by the strength, durability, and beauty of men's pecs, on one hand, and the fact that they are often targets of male-on-male aggression, on the other. In pro wrestling, chests are clawed, chopped, kicked, crushed, scratched, straddled, sat on, and even sometimes bitten. A blow to the solar plexus, right under the pecs, is as serious as a heart attack, forcing the air out of a man's lungs and incapacitating him. From full nelsons to bear hugs, the pecs figure in many of the most effective wrestling holds.

We inaugurate the Pec Bash series with two strongly contrasting competitors: Lon Dumont, an impossibly fit physical specimen, whose diet-and-gym regimen is as intricate as a Swiss watch, and Mike Pitt, a handsome, strapping youngster, strong and resilient, whose bodybuilding style is more brute force than finely-honed. Read on!

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Lon Dumont vs. Mike Pitt
26 minutes

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Pec Bash 1 Arena Galleries

Double pec claw in the corner. Mike screams in agony

Single handed pec punishment. Mike gets his meaty pec clawed down in the turnbuckle

Lon Dumont 5'7, 150 lbs

Crushing Lon's chiseled abs

Lon enjoys leg split torture on the big man

Dragon sleeper in the ropes: pecs exposed

Pulling back on a full boston crab, Lon stretches Mike's back to the limit

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