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  Donnie Drake vs. Marc Merino

Donnie Drake - 6'1, 210 lbs

Manhandling massive meaty pecs

Donnie Drake dominates MM

Figure 4: MM buried in DD's quads

You want to show off that pretty ass, job boy? Let me help you! Donnie bends bare-butt Mark

Now THIS is a Body!

There's something to be said for being bigger than your opponent. Being stronger never hurts, nor does having some extra weight on him. The smaller wrestler has to exert more energy just to move his bigger foe, energy the bigger man can keep in reserve to break holds or counter moves. The longer the match goes, the more the size advantage begins to wear on the smaller fighter - unless the smaller fighter has more skill and experience, and most important of all, driving determination, that unmatched will to win.

Marc Merino is by anyone's standard a big guy, there's no question about that. His thighs look like they could snap a man in half, and his massive shoulders and arms are incredibly impressive. He also has no inhibition about showing off that mighty muscle in the skimpiest of gear, or none at all. One could even say his penchant for gear - and his willingness to put it on the line - has become his calling card at BG East. And why not?

The body is positively delicious: humpy, hunky and highlighted by a spectacular bubble-butt, an impressive bulge and smooth, creamy dark skin covering it all. Then there's those sexy deep dark eyes matching the curly black hair and a totally winning smile - no wonder he's become a fan favorite, in spite of his less-than-stellar win-loss record. While he waits for his next match, he checks himself out in The Arena mirror, trying on several different pairs of trunks before finally choosing a pair he feels shows off that bounteous muscle butt and his thick body at its best. And quite an impressive display of muscle it is, too.

Handsome Donnie Drake is not only impressed by his foe's body, he's impressed in general by Marc's presentation and persona. He can see why Merino has piqued the curiosity, passion and ardent desire of many BBG East fans. And the idea of Marc's success based almost exclusively on his physical gifts and appeal piques Donnie's passion for punishment.

Sexy Donnie also loves to strut his own muscle! A mouth watering pose off between the two in the ring ensues. Donnie's mocking smile and smirks, and pointed snarky comments, clearly get inside Marc's head. The ploy works. Mark confronts Double D. Donnie plants both hands on Marc's meaty pecs and shoves him. Then to make up - a friendly handshake! The oldest trick in the book, yet Marc falls for it - as Donnie knew he would - getting a boot to the abs for his trouble! Down goes the thick musclestud! "Time for a ring lesson," Donnie grins as he starts landing some vicious kicks on his hapless foe!

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Donnie Drake vs. Marc Merino
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Nasty vertebra crunching choke hold, Marc's bubble butt in high rellief

Marc Merino enjoys showing off that great butt and Donnie Drake enjoys beating on it!

Marc Merino -

Muscle sculpture camel clutch

Muscle Marc tries a full nelson

DD revels in punishing the job boy

Donnie plants his own much lauded formidable butt deep into MM's back: Muscle butt riding boston

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