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  Aidan Calder vs. Rob Chandler*

Aidan Calder - 5'6, 155 lbs

Overlapping toehold and surfboard

Rob cranks on a reverse bearhug

Sexy and steamy from the start

Stripped of their respective trunks, the skinheads wage a battle of the hot 'n horny head scissors

Forced Emission: The Thin Line Between Pleasure and Pain

"You're going to submit, and it's going to be painful," sexy Rob Chandler says with a smile as he walks over the makeshift motel "arena" to where his opponent, hot hunk newcomer Aidan Calder, stands in his muscle shirt and a blue speedo that sets off the blue of his big beautiful eyes. And with a slight shake of his head, and a confident "that's not going to happen, mate" he begins to slowly and seductively pull the form-fitting cotton shirt over his head, inch by inch exposing a tanned and wonderfully defined muscular torso.

The star tattooed on the lower right of his abdomen, tantalizingly just above the waistband of Aidan's trunks, is particularly one fluid and sensually seductive movement he has established himself as a bright new star in the BG firmament! His strong hands go onto his solid hips as his handsome face sets with a steely determination - he might be a rookie, but he isn't going to be a pushover, not even for nasty bad-ass sex-stud Rob Chandler.

"Is that it?" Rob asks as Aidan flexes his impressive rippling muscles. Rob slams the newbie up against the wall and sneeringly orders him to "Do that again," pressing up hot and close to his opponent with a lusty leer on his face. But instead of complying with Chandler's demand, Aidan grabs him and spins him into the wall before showing off the corded muscles of his biceps right in Chandler's face! Rob's not about to let such confrontation cockiness go unanswered - shoving Aidan backward until he falls back onto the mattress! To show the rookie how it's done, Rob begins a seductive show of his own, slowly peel off his black tank top to reveal his own deliciously defined upper torso!

Show time over, Rob Chandler gets down to the business which has made him infamous in the underground wrestling scene in the UK: some stiff punches dropped right into Aidan's hard abs. Aidan absorbs them then pops up to his feet. "All right, playtime's over," he says, a steel glint in his deep blue eyes. But those abs are just too, too perfect to ignore, and dirty Chandler targets them again. A few more punches soften up the newbie for Rob's nasty head scissors! THe hot Brit heel plays with his smokin' sexy rookie. But Aidan's got some power in his OWN thickly muscled legs, as Rob Chandler discovers when he finds his own head trapped between Aidan's thick thighs! And now it's payback time for those earlier punches of Rob's! Let's see what Chandler's abs can take!

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Aidan Calder vs. Rob Chandler*
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Rob hurting in a single boot boston

Rookie Aidan's got some moves, spreads Rob wide with a leg split

Rob Chandler - 5'5, 153 lbs

Planting a bulge on big-boned Rob

Headscissors has Aidan in trouble

Where's Aidan going with this?

It was inevitable: The sparks flew from the moment they set eyes on each other, super hot X-fight!

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