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  Alexi Adamov vs. Denny Cartier

Denny cornered and crushed

Alexi mounted and gutbashed

Alexi fights Denny's guillotine

The pretty Russian drools on the mat

Denny demolished and trampled?

Denny Digs Deep. Alexi Aims to Annihilate!

Alexi Adamov has come a long way since he showed up at BG East. After getting that fine ass of his handed to him repeatedly, he became an eager pupil of several of the veteran BG East wrestlers. He has become a serious force to be reckoned with, particularly in the ring, and he's done nothing but grow bigger and stronger by the day. Fortunately, he's still squeezing into the same sized gear as always, so that watching his bulge bounce and his trunks ride up as his ass as he stretches in the ring is a beautiful thing by anyone's standards.

"This guy Aryx has been dodging me for way too long," he rumbles when Denny arrives at ringside. "Unfortunately, you gotta pay the price! So whenever you're ready, bring your little pretty self and that little pretty tattoo into this ring."

Denny has never blinked at a challenge, but the side-by-side comparison of these two is simply stunning. Alexi is harder and bigger in every way, and what's far worse for Denny: Alexi is seriously pissed at not being able to get his hands on Aryx. When Alexi shows off his astounding height advantage by literally hanging from the rafters and doing stomach crunches, Denny launches a preemptive attack to cut the big man down to size. A forearm to the gut brings Alexi back to his feet, but despite several punches, shoulder blocks, and stomps later, Denny's assault on his abs reveal what Alexi's fans have known all along. The big Russian has a core of steel!

Denny spends about half of this match in mid-air. Alexi hoists him across his shoulders repeatedly, each time sending him plummeting back to the mat more brutally than the last. Early going, the powerful Russian has his way with his lighter opponent, lifting, carrying, and tossing Denny like a sack of groceries. But the other half of the time, when they're both on the mat, Denny's amateur wrestling expertise neutralizes Alexi's superior size and strength. When Denny locks on a crotch ripping spladle that places Alexi's impressive bulge on beautiful display while nearly tearing the big man in two, the Russian has no choice but to give up a shocking first fall submission to his much smaller opponent.

Denied the satisfaction of getting his massive hands on Aryx and failing to completely squash an opponent 7 inches smaller and 30 pounds lighter, Alexi is as dangerous in the remaining 23 minutes of this match as we've ever seen him. Trampling, choking, battering his opponent from corner to corner, he uses every inch of the ring and most of the airspace overhead to maul Denny mercilessly. "Know what this is to me!?" Alexi growls, sweat glistening across his sculpted torso. "Cardio. Warm-up. Cause Aryx is next!" This is, without a doubt, Denny's most brutal challenge ever. In response to the big Russian's utter brutality, Denny's well-known veneer of good sportsmanship and unflappability wears out entirely. Both of these accomplished hunks dig down deeper than we've ever seen, but only one of them leaves the ring with his dignity in tact.

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Alexi Adamov vs. Denny Cartier
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