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  Alexi Adamov vs. Denny Cartier

Alexi Adamov - 6'3, 225 lbs

Taller Alexi nelsons Denny

Submit! Beautiful big bear hug

Crotch exposing suspended scissors

Sweaty Alexi spreads Denny wide

"Get Your Pretty Little Self Upstairs!"

Something went terribly wrong between Kid Leopard and his former right hand man, Aryx Quinn. Except for the two of them, no one knows exactly what drama turned the relationship between these two heels-made-in-heaven sour. Chatter around the BG East locker room has been all about Aryx' already overinflated ego growing out of control and forgetting who The Boss really is. When he's certain KL is nowhere nearby, Aryx has frequently been heard to brag that he could run BG East better if "the old guard" would just get out of the way, and let him have his way with the studs in the stable! Unhappy with the matches KL has scheduled for him of late, the well-traveled Aryx has been a no-show on more than one occasion. Having seen first-hand just how dangerous it is to cross The Boss, you have to wonder what could possibly possess Aryx to think he could set up camp on KL's bad side without paying a brutal price.

The Boss' personal involvement in humbling Aryx in Leopard's Lair 3 was a declaration of open warfare that sent a clear message to the entire BG East operation. No longer KL's hand-picked protégé, it's open season on Aryx Quinn. When The Boss "let slip" some of the trash Aryx has been saying about the other wrestlers in the BG East stable, the boys started lining up to be the next to take a crack at deflating his infamously overinflated ego. The Boss slyly lined up back-to-back opponents to face Aryx next â?? scheduling him first to take on mat specialist Denny Cartier in the matroom, and giving Denny explicit instructions to drag Aryx' sweet ass up to the ring when he's done with him so that Alexi Adamov can settle his own score with the fallen star.

Alexi waited about 30 seconds in the ring before impatiently stomping through the BG East compound hunting for Aryx. With what The Boss has been telling Alexi about Aryx' plans for the big, beautiful Russian's legendary ass, Alexi has never been more motivated to put all of his gorgeous muscles to work in completely destroying an opponent. What he finds, however, is Denny still stretching and training in the matroom.

"I thought Aryx was in here!" Alexi snaps angrily. "That bastard has been dodging me for how long now!?" He's worked up a head of steam in anticipation of picking Aryx apart, and he's never looked stronger, bigger, and primed for destruction. When Denny proposes that the two of them take the opportunity to wrestle each other in Aryx' absence, Alexi is flabbergasted. "Uh, I don't think you're in my weight class," he rumbles dismissively. Staring one another down, it's easy to see why he can't quite believe Denny's challenge. Handsome Denny is a perennial fan favorite and always dangerous, particularly on the mat, but standing 7 inches shorter than Alexi, their face-to-face staredown is a little more like "face-to-chest." The Russian muscleman scoffs at Denny's suggestion to wrestle on the mat. "Get your little pretty self upstairs," Alexi shoots back, "and I'll stretch you out some more."

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Alexi Adamov vs. Denny Cartier
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Alexi in trouble as Denny sleepers...

& scissors him into unconsciousness

Denny Cartier - 5'6, 165 lbs

Denny's head-crushing quads

The muscled Russian digs deep

Alexi exults in his camel clutch

Denny howling in a backbreaker

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