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  Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Ethan Axel Andrews

Lorenzo Lowe - 5'5, 135

BAM! Connecting with a left jab

Scissor cradle and a crotch claw

Smothered! Peek-a-boo! I see...

GIVE! SAY IT! Ethan grimaces under the full weight of Lorenzo's sexy, sweaty Boston crab

Black and Blue; or, Hot Jocks In Jocks!

So, as the story goes, after a private motel bout, Lorenzo Lowe was so hot and bothered that he demanded a rematch with Ethan Andrews, and he demanded to face Ethan in a ring with boxing gloves. It's anybody's guess exactly what transpired behind locked doors after the two ran out of quarters for the retro "Magic Fingers" bed massage. Neither will go into details about it. All we have gathered is that Ethan, an experienced underground wrestler with a modicum of mixed martial arts training, apparently not only gave sexy rookie Lorenzo a thorough thrashing but heaped humiliation upon humiliation on him in a fashion that Lorenzo has refused to recount to anyone other than The Boss.

However, from the few tantalizing morsels The Boss was willing to sprinkle our way, the original match evidently involved a wild and rollicking mix of boxing, grappling, pro and... well... that's where morsel trail stopped. When Lorenzo learned that Ethan would in fact soon be making his long-anticipated BGE debut he pleaded, cajoled, bargained and begged The Boss to have first crack at him. "Oh, really now? Is that so!?" The Boss queried his newest addition to the infamous and exclusive Leopard's Lair. "And how bad do you want it, kid? I hear this Ethan dude is pretty good. You think you can take him? I'll be VERY displeased if you disappoint me, boy... I mean, this might require some personalized tutoring and training", The Boss mused. Lorenzo bit the bait. "Yes please, sir!" Lorenzo wants another crack at Ethan and he wants it recorded and he wants it bad. He wants to beat Ethan Axel black and blue - and if it means getting put through the wringer by The Boss himself, all the better to toughen him up for the biggest challenge of his life.

Lorenzo made a stunning debut earlier in the year in what was arguably the main event of Wrestler Spotlight: Eli Black, presenting the eight-packed Eli with his toughest challenge of the set. Lorenzo refused to roll over for the confident new superstar, making Eli break a hard sweat for every submission he got. Things got pretty hairy before it was all over. Frayed nerves and rampaging testosterone took both wrestlers to their limits. The rookie was a longshot at best against a strong, tough, and experienced competitor like Eli, but in the end he proved he had a fighter's unrelenting heart. In his premier appearance, he let it be known that Lorenzo Lowe takes an easy dive for no man. When he insisted on facing Ethan in a Gloved Gladiators contest, an intense, balls-to-the-wall battle was certain.

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Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Ethan Axel Andrews
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Bottoms up! Leg split cradle pin

Ethan Andrew's bare bottom and big bulge splattered on the canvas

Ethan Axel Andrews - 6', 155

Bound in the ropes for smack talk

Ethan stripped, choked, gut bashed

Bare bottomed full nelson

A sweaty, agitated Ethan rope chokes and bitch slaps his first BG East opponent, Lorenzo Lowe

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