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  Christian Taylor vs. Pete Sharp

Pete admires his rock solid 'ceps

Twisted! Teach the rookie a lesson

Clinching a tight choke/scissors

Pete's massive legs get ripped apart

With so much at stake, Pete struggles to escape Christian's scissors to avert a submission defeat

Not Just Another Pretty Face?

Both battlers demonstrate remarkable endurance as the non-stop action grinds on. The holds are exquisitely long and beautifully executed, but neither hunk wants to submit first. Fans of bulging leg splits will appreciate how Christian repeatedly crotch-rips the golden rookie. Pete's pendulous package and gorgeous gluteus are artfully displayed by Christian's expertise. Fans of suffering muscle will love seeing Pete take a mountain of punishment. Suddenly, the hardbodied rookie stuns Christian by squeezing out a submission with a nasty rear choke. Climbing to his feet, pretty Pete's pecs bounce excitedly as he smiles down at his opponent writhing on the mat. "Dude, I thought we said no chokes!" Christian complains. "That wasn't a choke," Pete feigns ignorance with a sly grin.

Pete's dominant muscle take its toll on impeccably conditioned Christian. Pete's total muscle package bounces as he locks on an incredibly powerful spinning full nelson, twirling Christian helplessly in the middle of the gazebo until he whimpers out still another submission. Christian climbs to his feet more slowly while the golden rookie pushes the pace that much more aggressively. "Can't handle this, huh?" Pete taunts, pumping his biceps. His confidence is on the rise as he sets out to prove he's as tough as promised.

A little too much preening leaves Pete open for a sucker punch to the gut. Christian wails on those granite carved abs until Pete's golden tan turns angry red. The gut punching is long and loud. Christian pretzels Pete and uses the pretty rookie's own massive bicep to choke him from behind. A crotch-ripping, neck-cranking grapevine combination makes the rookie's powerful body quiver until Pete frantically cries out his first BGE submission.

Once they've proven they can make the other cry uncle, this fight turns vicious. With his sculpted quads flexing around Christian's body and his massive bulge quivering as he squeezes the air out of Christian's lungs, Pete threatens to break his opponent's ribs. Christian's may not be as massive, but those long legs can break down the toughest muscle boy. He makes it personal when he lands a cracking slap across the rookie's dazzling golden butt. The submissions start racking up faster and grow more vicious by the second. Adding insult to injury, one last "banned" chokehold knocks the hunk out cold, proving decisively which handsome stud is not just another pretty face.

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Christian Taylor vs. Pete Sharp
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