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  Ray Naylor vs. Drake Marcos

Muscle boy Ray Naylor

Ray fights off scrappy Drake

Back bending headscissors

Ray gets strap choked and scissored

With both fighters soaked in sweat, Ray clamps his legs tight sending Drake to headscissor heaven

Head Scissors Heaven: Nothing Held Back

Drake Marcos sees Ray Naylor and he sees a smart-aleck brat who needs a spanking. Ray sees Drake and he sees a cutie boy nemesis he needs to mess up. Pretty quickly we realize who's the heel here and who's the babyface. What isn't so clear is which side is going to prevail. Both men are tough as nails. Ray peels down one half of his own singlet and uses the strap to choke Drake. Then he leads him around the mat like a dog, using the cinch and strap as a collar and leash. Humiliated and deprived of oxygen, Drake's face turns a bruisy shade of blue, and his sobs of pain and exasperation could break a fellow's heart if they didn't have the effect of making him so goddamned horny and hot!

Still, this match stays evenly balanced till the bitter end. Soon enough, Drake reverses, and this time it's Ray gasping vainly for air. Both wrestlers exhibit rare dynamism for a couple of relative rookies. They ply each other with chokes and chops, with the vigor and ferocity of junkyard curs. These guys fight like veterans who have bitterly hoarded up grudge upon grudge for years. Young as they are, they seem to have a lot of rage to vent on each other, and it's all to make names for themselves with BGE fans. Things get hairy fast. You get the distinct feeling that, any second now, one of these guys is going to climb up the other guy's ass and punch his way out with his fists! And just when you think one of these guys is a goner, he springs back into action with twice the fire as before.

Singlets eventually get stripped off, and Drake and Ray battle on in the barest of gear: a classic jockstrap for Drake and a jock-thong for Ray, both packing a powerful pouch. In the end, somebody is going to have to literally kiss somebody's ass before he's even allowed to submit. In a finisher you will never forget, the victor at last incapacitates the loser with a reverse face-smothering figure-four head scissors, snuffing the guy out between his butt cheeks and exclaiming triumphantly, "You're mine!" And if this isn't the sexiest figure 4 head scissors you've ever seen in your life, please send us photos of one that's hotter! This match is destined to be on many "Best Of" lists. We've seen this intensity before in some of BGE's biggest stars, and if Naylor and Marcos fail to win you over completely with this balls-to-the-wall scrap, it won't be because they didn't give 120% trying.

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Ray Naylor vs. Drake Marcos
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A sweaty 69 double headscissors battle, both boys don't want to give up to the others legs strength

Still in Ray's headscissor, Drake gets his bulge clawed and worked over at the mercy of Ray Naylor

Bulge on bulge double trap claw

Countering a double bodyscissors

Full nelson bodyscissors combo

Stretching Drake's leg & hamstring

The schoolboys get down and dirty when Drake gets smothered in Ray's beautifully sculpted ass

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