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  Ben Monaco vs. Alain LeClair  

Ben Monaco - 5'10, 175

Back bridging bodyscissors

Ben's tight headscissors on Alain

Big bad Ben schoolboy bully pins

Alain manhandles Ben in a tight bodyscissors who seems to be enjoying and hating it at the same time

Bad Boy Ben Brings BG East Big Bad Alain

Ben Monaco, one of the most exciting newcomers of the past year, makes his fourth BG East appearance in the main event of Mat Scraps 2. All the more impressive is the fact that Ben, just your regular boy-next-door type from Canada, had been wrestling for only about a year when he signed on with us. In the beginning, pretty much everything he knew about wrestling he had learned by watching BGE matches. But the biggest surprise of all in this fan-turns-pro fairy tale is that he has more than held his own against not only fellow rookies but even the far more seasoned wrestler superstud Austin Cooper.

Our trainers have carefully taught Ben the ropes from staredown to victory pose, and so confident have they been in his rapidly advancing abilities that we flew him and his homeboy from Canada to tape a match: it's a hunky muscleboy Ben eyed, 'befriended' and then challenged at his gym. Alain LeClair is a big, hairy brute, with massive shoulders and a firm, round belly that just dares somebody to try and take a punch at it. Icily aloof, Alain looks down his nose at his fellow Canadian, confident that he can make short work of this dude who's been giving him the hairy eyeball at the gym. He may act aloof and nonchalant but watch closely and you may catch Alain surveying Ben's bare butt out the corner of his eye while Ben suits up before the match. It would appear that the interest is not so one-sided after all!

Ben indulges in some muscle worship while Alain, pretending to pay him no heed, displays his voluminous biceps for the camera and the BGE fans at home. Never one to hold back and miss an opportunity, Ben's hands glide appreciatively over mounds of solid muscle before clamping the muscle god's arms and neck in a full nelson. Almost effortlessly, Alain stretches his arms out and powers loose, contemptuously casting Ben off to the side. Undeterred, Ben comes back punching, but to no effect: Alain knocks him flat on his ass with a single jab. Horny Ben is nothing if not persistent, though, and in no time he is back on his feet, still itching to manhandle the hairy chested hunk. Alain snorts that Ben is incapable of the kind of fight that had attracted him to BG East and starts polishing his biceps once again. He's definitely making Ben Monaco work for his manhandling!

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Ben Monaco vs. Alain LeClair
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Muscles bulge and Ben can't resist but to devour the solid biceps of Alain

Big bad Alain sits back on Ben's back and tries to break him in half in a camel clutch

Alain LeClair - 6'0, 187

Alain's hairy chested full nelson

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