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  Eli Black vs. Joah Bindao

Eli Black - 5'6, 135

Trapped in an abdominal stretch

The boys trade ab shots

Eli works a camel clutch on Joah

Knee to abs, Eli dominates muscled Joah

Lost in Translation

Joah Bindao is BG East's very own international man of mystery. The Boss has him on speed dial, but no one else seems to know where the compact, bronze muscle man comes from. His native tongue? It isn't English, but his English-language skills communicate in a sensual sort of beat poetry as he mutters to himself from the moment he steps into the room with MMA phenom, Eli Black, warming up in the ring. Like Eli, Joah is 5'5" but he's got the muscle size and proportions of one of the big boys. And speaking of big boys! The huge bulge in the front of his trunks holds its own tantalizing mystery.

Eli Black is no mystery at all. He puts 100% of himself on the line when he climbs in the ring, and he's got the heart of a lion to go with his MMA and amateur wrestling credentials. Eli is never at a loss for words, and most often his choice of words are bold, in your face predictions of his destiny to beat down and punish any opponent foolhardy enough to climb in the ring with him. He's loathe to admit defeat, but the one BG East defeat that sticks in his craw is his brutal ab-crushing humiliation at the hands and boots of Morgan "The Mastodon" Cruise in Gut Bash 9. With his abs and his ego on the line, Eli is back to headline his own Gut Bash release, but this time he's determined to be the basher. His MMA training has opened up an entirely new level of brutal offense at his command, and he's back for an all-abdominal assault to wipe away the nightmares from Gut Bash 9. Eli sets his sights on the gorgeously rippled six-pack of the Mohawk headed, indecipherable bundle of muscle and grace that is Joah Bindao.

"You skinny ass boy," Joah mutters in his thick accent, more to himself than to Eli. "I'm gonna rip you!" Eli stands his ground, wide-legged and challenging. "I'd like to see you try!" he snarls back with a fierce hunger to regain face from Gut Bash 9.

Eli punches the accelerator before Joah realizes the match has begun. A monkey flip sends the high flyer across the ring. By the time Joah reaches his feet again, Eli is already there sweeping his legs out from underneath him and dropping him back to his fine ass. A fireman's carry into a slam, and Eli follows up with a knee to Joah's gut, to start to soften up that sexy six-pack. Outmaneuvered and outhustled at every turn, Joah is tossed and pounded from corner to corner, as Eli slowly but surely starts to focus his assault on breaking down BG East's international man of mystery starting with his core. "Stay down!" Eli advises when Joah struggles to clear away the cobwebs and peel himself off the mat. Maybe it was just lost in translation, but Joah ignores his opponent's advice and pries himself back up for more. He's not about to let this 'skinny boy' make a fool of him!

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Eli Black vs. Joah Bindao
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Joah suffering in Eli's surfboard headscissor combo

Joah is pinned as Eli cranks pressure on his opponent's twisted arm

Joah Bindao - 5'5, 130

Joah dropped into a tombstone

Eli exposed in a boston crab

Eli agonizes in Joah's bearhug

Eli trapping Joah in a neck cranking, bulge popping, full nelson

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