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  Joshua Goodman vs. Ned Norris

Joshua Goodman - 5'10, 180 lbs

Big basket schoolboy pin: Mr J uses Ned's arms to trap his legs and plants his pouch on his lips

Inverted standing scissors: Glorious Goodman on full display; Ned tries to peel Mr Joshua's trunks!

On your knees, fucker! Mister J punishes Ned with a headscissors surfboard combo

Ned dangling down Josh's back in a neck and shoulder wrenching hangman submission hold

So That's What Ned's Thinking!

What the hell was Ned Norris thinking!? He made a special request for this match against one of BG East's most successful and prolific wrestlers, Joshua Goodman. Of course, we know that Ned can "enjoy" a severe beating. The batterings he suffered at the hands of both JP Riley and the infamous Brooklyn Bodywrecker proved that Ned can certainly make the most out of suffering humiliating corporal punishment. But you have to wonder what Ned is expecting to happen when he climbs into the ring and slides in nice and close, directly behind Joshua, and compares muscles with the stunningly ripped fitness model. Perhaps more importantly, you have to wonder whether his Dark Knight master, BBW, sanctioned Ned's return to the BG East ring against dangerous beauty, Mr. J!

Mr. Joshua (as he insists on being called) has been on a tear since first arriving at BGE many years ago. Every inch as incredibly hot and muscled as he was from day one, Joshua has gone on to become one of the most prolific and successful wrestlers in the history of BG East. He has long ago lost count of how many opponents he has punished for daring to stand in between him and the mirror. Mr. Joshua's fans, however, have been unflappable in their fanatical admiration of his stunning muscles, his top dog personality, and most of all, the epically massive bulge he's barely able to stuff down the front of his trunks (causing him to adjust frequently).

No one loves the sight of Josh's gorgeous muscles nearly as much as Mr. J himself, so perhaps that's what Ned Norris is thinking when he presses up so closely behind the notorious narcissist, peering over top of Joshua's mountainous biceps to see exactly what Mr. J sees staring back at him in the mirror. "Don't even think about coming over here and messing up my game!" Joshua warns. When Ned dares to lift his own relatively modest arms in comparison, Joshua drives his leg backward between Ned's outstretched thighs, racking his opponent's balls and then bulldogs Ned flat on his face in the middle of the ring. "I told you to stay away!" Mr. Joshua snarls, resuming his self-worship.

When you can take as much pain as we've seen Ned endure at the hands of BBW, it should come as no surprise that although Joshua repeatedly levels him, Ned persistently peels himself up off the mat and climbs back to his feet. "You gotta be shitting me!" Joshua growls, shaking his head in disbelief as Ned asks for more. You can set your watch on the reliable fact that Joshua is going to give him more! A standing head scissors, bouncing on the balls of his feet makes Ned go limp even as it makes Joshua's famous pouch bounce. Transitioning to a beautiful scissor-choke, he makes his challenger flail and flop, as Joshua calmly flexes his bulging, tanned arm in Ned's face. "Look at those 14-inch forearms! My forearms are about as big as your arms!"

Joshua continuously flexes for his own entertainment, and enjoys watching his stunning physique in the act of complete domination. A particularly vicious standing headscissors forces Ned's face upward, staring up at the luscious, muscled ass of the physique star. Mr. J laughs, flexing his biceps and crunching his six-pack abs. Determinedly, Ned reaches up with both hands, grabs hold of the sides of Joshua's blue trunks, and begins to drag them down his powerful thighs! NOW we know what Ned's been thinking all along!

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Rock hard, iron tight muscle clamps down around Ned's noggin

Ned folded and pinned, legs split wide and balls trampled and bashed by Mr. Joshua's boots

Ned Norris - 6', 170 lbs

With Ned trapped in a reverse schoolboy, Mr J hammers away on his hairy midsection

Ned pounds the mat as Mr J digs deep into his gut with an abdominal claw: Kiss my ass, punk!

Butt bouncing, dick crushing camel clutch: Josh puts Ned Norris through the submission wringer

Hunky hairy Ned Norris applies a revenge clawhold on Mr Joshua's beautifully sculpted abdominals

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