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  Joe Robbins vs. Trent Blayze

Trent Blayze 6'1, 195 lbs

Mighty Joe's pecs get clawed

Back bending Camel clutch puts Trent's meaty chest on display...

Reverse bearhug around his pecs

The Blayzenator tries to get big Joe to submit to his double pec claw


Big Joe Robbins is a lethal weapon. His steely tattooed gunz make a good argument for revoking, in the interest of public safety, the right to ... bare arms. This man is reckless, hot-tempered, contemptuous of rules and precautions, and big as a Bengal tiger. A hazard sign should be emblazoned on his trunks in compliance with safety laws. In his years at BG East, he has steamrolled over pretty much every wrestler we put up against him. He has smeared the body-beautifuls like Rio Garza, Tyrell Tomsen, and Paladin like finger paint over our mats and rings. He's chomped up well-respected technical wrestlers like Lon Dumont and Paul Hudson and spit them out like bubblegum gone flat. Even his biggest challenges, men with hard rugged muscle to match his own, serious threats like Dick Rick and Braden Charron, have gone home limping, just happy not to be in body bags.

So who the hell is this upstart Trent Blayze to think he can share the mirror with a man like Joe, much less the squared circle? He debuted only a couple of years ago against another rookie, Jayden Mayne ... also demolished by Joe Robbins, if memory serves us right. Trent's a big boy, sure; we'll give him credit for that. Six feet plus, with meat on his bones, and with each new match he looks a little thicker, a little stronger, a little more confident in himself, but still he's not as big as Joe. So far, Trent has tested himself against only smaller wrestlers. Joe Robbins, however, is a whole other story!

Trent Blayze should count himself lucky that today Joe Robbins would rather be posing than wrestling. Trent tries to tear the fighter away from the mirror, but Joe wants to study his bicep peaks and chest muscles. Trent engages his opponent again. The two lock up collar and elbow, but Joe's mind remains on how much his bulging lats make his back look like an ice-cream cone created by Harley-Davidson. Trent tries to get a rise out of the big guy by slugging him in the chest and forcing him to the corner ropes, where he crunches Joe's pecs like baseball mitts that need breaking in. It does the trick, all right. "Fucking asshole!" Joe hollers, his attention finally caught. "You know how long I've worked on these?" Joe powers away from the ropes, but Trent, brimming with determination, pushes him back for more upper-body abuse. And pushing Big Joe is a good idea?

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Joe Robbins vs. Trent Blayze
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Which submission will win? Trent's single pec claw or Joe's patented suspended body scissors?

Not to be outdone, Joe clamps his massive hands around the base of Trent's meaty pecs

Joe Robbins 6'2, 240 lbs

Over the shoulder backbreaker

... and sets him up for a chest destroying camel double pec claw!

Rib crushing air depleting bearhug

Air tight sleeper hold gradually weakens Trent. A coming KO, or just a set up for more punishment?

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