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  Chace LaChance vs. Brad Barnes

Chace LaChance 5'9, 200 lbs

Stomping a rope onto the pecs

Double fists full of massive pecs

Trapped pecs get hammered

Chace clamps down on Brad's perfect muscular pecs in preparation to lift the hunk right off his feet

C'est LaChance!

In a highly touted feat of self-transformation, Chace LaChance packed on extra attitude along with his added kilos of hard brawn and set his sights on becoming BG East's next superstar heel. That kind of ascent, however, begs to be put to the test!

In the past year Chace has proven himself a game though not entirely productive challenger to other up-and-coming heels like Morgan Cruise and Magnus. Morgan felt he had to prove himself after an auspicious but ultimately humbling debut against Lon Dumont, and in a memorable Spotlight match he successfully took his frustration out on Chace's unsuspecting bones, namely the ribcage and vertebrae. Next, Chace picked a fight with masked muscle god Magnus over whose physique was better suited to the wrestling ring. After that raw beating, we worried we might never see LaChance again.

But Chace is back, decidedly more confident, looking better than ever and, surprisingly, with even a bigger chip on his shoulder now. Out of respect for his drive and determination, not to mention his lip-smacking meaty muscle, we promised him he could break in the new talent, a ruggedly handsome and supremely fit rookie called Brad Barnes. Brad is precisely the kind of competitor that Chace had been looking for, a somewhat smaller, less experienced version of himself, a newcomer with too-perfect looks and bulging guns just begging for some intense and sweaty and well-deserving abuse!

The bout starts with a "bounce-off" between two well-developed upper bodies. These guys have got some pecs, for sure, not just nipples on ribs, but heavy, firm, and symmetrical competition-ready chests. Months and years of rigorous workouts at the gym pay off as they try to impress each other with the amount of bulge they can pop up and down and left and right, a demonstration of power, thickness, and control. The bounce-off ends in a dancing pec standoff, however, so Chace suggests that the two progress to another test of pectoral dominance: whose chest can better withstand a hard punch?

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Chace LaChance vs. Brad Barnes
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Using the turnbuckle to bash Chance's beefy pecs into submission

Chace suspends Brad over his knees for a combo backbreaker double pec claw

Brad Barnes 5'8, 200 lbs

Reverse pec claw on Brad

Tied in the ropes, beautiful Brad is subjected to a brutal pec bashing

Rookie stud's pecs get pounded

Hunky rookie bound in the ropes and punished with a double tit twister

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